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6 Common Problems Found In Most Government Websites

Finding the perfect website is a nigh impossible task. The digital world is continuously being updated with new trends at such a rapid pace that it can make any website feel outdated. As a result, there are always some recurring problems in a website that you might find. Although the issues in common brand websites are barely noticeable, the problems found in Government Websites are far too noticeable.

These common problems affect the user experience while exploring the website as they might find it non-responsive, confusing, or outright dreadful to navigate. Through this blog, we will discuss the most common problems found in most government websites.

6 Common Problems Found In Most Government Websites

  • Outdated Content

One of the primary problems with government websites is that their onsite content is too outdated. It is crucial for a government website to be always up to date with the latest information as government websites are supposed to be the utmost source of reliability for users. The outdated content on government websites may be down to a need for a dedicated person responsible for updating news and alerts. This could lead to users being misled due to a piece of old information which could be a serious issue.

In order to avoid any case of mislead information it is important that every government website must always contain updated sources of content and any old source is imminently deleted from the servers.

  • Technical Issues

Google and other major search engines are always updating their algorithm to ensure a more consumer-friendly experience. These updates are related to technical performance of a website like page speed, linking, HTML, etc. In government websites, the maintenance is not quite adequate as compared to brand websites. Therefore, they get left behind in terms of keeping up to the technical search engine updates. This leads to plenty of technical issues that can have a negative effect on the user experience.

For websites that deal in official government documentation, technical issues could lead to a sort of error that could compromise the user information that could have a serious impact on their documents. It is important that a government website offers a smooth navigation experience with the exclusion of any sort of technical error.

  • Less Responsive

Initially, the development of a government website is done specifically on a single device. Most websites along with their web pages aren’t optimized in accordance to different devices or operating legacy system that can affect their responsive behavior. In an era where the most of internet traffic comes from mobile phones, there is a majority of government websites that don’t have a positive response experience on mobile phones.

One of the most important factors of keeping the website updated to modern standards is that it must be optimized specifically to different sources of devices to provide the highest response experience to users.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

One of the most common complaints about government websites is that they don’t match up to the standards of modern aesthetics. Nowadays, one of the most prominent ways to maintain a positive user experience is to ensure that your website consists of a clean and aesthetically pleasing user interface design. The reason why most government websites consist of a boring aesthetic look is that they were developed very early and barely went through any regular maintenance or updates ever since.

Government websites don’t have to contain the same old boring look that would take the life out of every user navigating through it. There are plenty of new layouts with vibrant colors and feel that can represent the best of a government sector.

  • Broken Links

Another problem related to lack of maintenance on government sites, broken links are a phenomenon that is related to the expiration of hyperlinks due to relocation to another address. In terms of government websites, the number of broken links are higher than an average website due to constant updates of portals and information. While there would be an addition of new hyperlinks on the website, the address of older ones would still remain on the server. Broken links not only negatively affect the website performance but it could mislead the users as well.

Nowadays, there are plenty of softwares that can easily detect the broken links on a website in bulk that could help you eliminate them with ease.

  • Confusing Navigation

This goes along with the aesthetic appeal of the user interface, a lot of users find that the navigation on government websites is far too confusing. Finding a specific sort of information on a website could prove to be time-confusing while navigating the overly complex structure of the website.

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