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7 Exam Preparation Strategies for Intermediate Students at a Pune CBSE School in Baner

Examinations, be it in high school, university, or be it in any other educational environment, can elicit a great deal of anxiety. The CBSE board exams, which are frequently thought of as the most important exam for Pune CBSE school students, are very significant and, according to many studies, have been shown to have a major impact on a student’s mental health. 

The secret to performing well on examinations is the ability to study shrewdly and effectively so that your efforts essentially transfer into exceptional results. This is in addition to studying hard, absorbing everything, and remembering everything.


Advice for CBSE kids in Pune on exam preparation

Here is a list of practical test-taker study tips that you can employ to ace your upcoming board exam in one of the best Pune CBSE schools.

1. Maintain a Schedule

You should get a good night’s sleep, rise early, have a filling breakfast, and then study. Do not stay up late, try not to stress about useless moments, and keep working on your preparations for the big day. 

You need to spend an hour or two leisurely and keep the thoughts regarding your tests out of your mind for that time being. You can read, nap, play, or engage in any activity you think will keep your mind off your exams.

2. Avoid Mental Overload

Instead of overtaxing their mind with ideas, students of schools in Baner Pune need to positively exercise it. They must maintain mental clarity and avoid placing undue strain on themselves to discuss subjects that are outside their scope. 

They should make enough attainable goals for the day. Rome itself was not built in a single day. They need not go too far and should never attempt to learn everything in one sitting. They should take it slowly and divide up their study time carefully.

3. Switch things up

You must develop a detailed daily schedule. It is just as important to have all of the ingredients when cooking as it is to have all of the components when learning. Avoid covering too many simple themes or topics in a single day, as well as overloading yourself with difficult problems. Spend the first hour or two of your “study day” on a simple subject before moving on to a more difficult one or issue. 

Spend two hours studying before gradually increasing your level of preparedness. After you finish English, devote the next two hours to a Mathematics topic.

4. Practice Solving Mock Question Papers

As per the common perception, match practice is the best practice. Every day, preferably from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., solve one CBSE sample question paper in an environment as close to your testing location as possible. 

After you have completed the paper, you can grade yourself using the marking procedure used by schools in Baner Pune. If you want to get high marks in the CBSE result 2022, you must correctly practise the sample papers. 

You can choose a different topic for each of the five or six days. After every week, analyse your results, adjust as needed, and concentrate on them during the very next week.

5. Learning to Calm Down is an Ability Worth Developing

Exercise and meditation both help with concentration. Every day, many athletes and sports professionals meditate. Studies have found a connection between concentration exercises (such as meditation) and the performance levels of sports professionals. 

Meditation reinforces the mind, allowing it to take charge and direct the physical body to complete all of its tasks. Psychological pieces of training are a fantastic way to enhance your concentration and mental toughness. As a result, before you begin studying, go for a 15-minute stroll through the park or meditate while trying to perform your yoga moves.

6. Take Consistent Breaks

Keep your study sessions brief and infrequent and make sure to take regular breaks after every 50 to 60 minutes of study. These breaks are critical for clearing your mind and recharging your batteries before your next study session.

It is recommended to take regular breaks between study periods. Your mind will get tired if you do not take a relaxing pause, and you will not be as effective at studying. Take a 10- to 15-minute pause every hour or two after you finish studying to rest and replenish. 

Maintain your cool and unwind. To accomplish this, you must engage in daily meditation and light workouts. Overanalysing, strain and worry are the causes of your failure to appropriately study for the Pune CBSE school – Class 12 Board Examinations.

7. Practice Safety and Health

Long-term exam preparation can be physically and mentally taxing, so it is critical to focus on each of these aspects. Keeping a healthy lifestyle and regularly, incorporating workouts into the blend will help to improve remembrance and start concentrating. 

Give yourself adequate time for regular exercise to refresh your enthusiasm and aid in good health and well-being. Both meditation and yoga are very effective methods for calming the mind and improving focus. Eating healthy foods has been shown to improve concentration significantly.



As a result, the final month is crucial for all in the long run. Uncertain individuals also can continue improving by focusing on their weak spots while emphasising their strengths. Those who are in fourth gear can keep improving by shifting into overdrive. 

Throughout this period, a student’s goal should be to perform as well as possible while also focusing on staying healthy. The board exams are the most important stage of a student’s educational career because they determine future employment opportunities. 

Your ability to progress to the next level of study is determined by your effectiveness on your board examinations from one of the best schools in Pune.

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