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A Guide to Planning the Perfect Home Addition Project

Your home is the place where you want to enjoy a cozy and comfortable atmosphere when you come back from work. However, this place needs to be functional and organized so that it can give a great ambiance to you.

So, you can think about making a few home additions by building a separate dwelling unit or living unit in your home, renovating your bathroom, improving the outdoor area, etc.

If you are looking for the best Bay Area remodeling contractor, then you should hire Done Right Home Remodeling. So, let us understand how you can plan the perfect home addition project in Bay Area.

Prepare a Home Improvement Project Plan

Your home addtion project is a big task that should include a proper plan. You can take references from various home remodeling websites to select your design and proceed with the design to prepare a layout plan for the same.

You should understand that DIY projects involve a lot of hassles and take a lot of time of yours. You might end up creating construction malfunctions if you do it yourself. So, we recommend you hire a reliable contractor in your location.

Set a Budget

Focus on your priorities and plan your project accordingly. Set a realistic budget for your home addition project that includes all the necessary things such as building materials, decorative items, flooring, permits, finishing touches, and labor charges.

This will help provide a direction to your home addition project and will make sure you won’t proceed on the project aimlessly. You can search on the internet or take references to find out the best general contractor in your location and discuss your requirements with them to plan a budget for the project.

However, you should understand that there can be additional expenses if you make changes to your plan.

Hire a reliable contractor

The next step would be to choose the right contractor who is experienced enough to carry out such a big project without creating any problems for you.

Remember, a trusted contractor has all the contacts of skilled workers who can deliver quality services.

Do not fall prey to the contractors who promise to build your home at the cheapest price. You build your home once in a lifetime; so, it should not be built with cheap materials.

Prepare your home before starting the home addition project

You need to prepare yourself and your family members before you start remodeling your home. If you are going to live in your home during the construction then you need to make necessary changes to the home. you can set up a temporary kitchen, remove furniture, remove your plants and garden accessories to a safe place, etc.

This is required for a smooth working process. You need to work on packing your valuable and essential items separately so that you can store unused things and find out the necessary items easily whenever you need them. You can make temporary sleeping arrangements if you are going to renovate your bedroom.

Arrange Permits

In a home addition project, you will be required to make structural changes to your home. Hence, you need to arrange permits for the same so that you do not face any legal hassles later. Your general contractor should arrange all the permits and insure the entire project.

Schedule inspections:

After you finish a certain phase of your home remodeling work, you should arrange inspections with the concerned authorities. You general contractor should help schedule the inspections and handover the project in time. After the whole home remodeling is finished,

You should arrange a final inspection to complete the procedure.


Home addition ideas can yield you many benefits; especially in increasing the value of your house. Moreover, it will give an elegant and premium look to your home. If you want to resell your house then it can attract buyers who want to invest in a quality house.

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