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A Quick Review of the Umarex Gen3 Glock 19 Airsoft Pistol

What can we say about Glock airsoft guns that hasn’t been said already, somewhere else, 1,000 times over?

They’re realistic, officially licensed by Glock, smooth-shooting, and feature great ergonomics, just like the real thing, only in a package that’s perfect for airsoft.

The best thing can we do is offer a more hands-on overview of a specific model, like the Umarex Gen3 Glock 19 airsoft pistol.

So we put it to the test and here are the results.

What We Like About This Elite Force/Umarex Glock 19

Immediately, this green gas Glock replica scores big points for realism and handling. Yes, it is an officially-licensed product, so that’s to be expected. But we can appreciate it nonetheless.

We also appreciate the realism of the blowback action. Some airsoft pistols get dinged on realism because they don’t produce a realistic blowback. This replica does.

Handling is also great. It points and shoots naturally and is accurate even with minimal tinkering. At close ranges and with slightly heavier BBs (like .25s) it shoots where it points, which is nice, too.

Construction is also another big bonus. Like most Glock replicas, this Glock 19 airsoft pistol is made with high-quality components. This one features a number of polymer components (just like a real Glock, by the way) but is made with a high-quality metal slide.

It’s consistent and smooth shooting since it’s a green gas Glock. Even for the minor loss of power (when compared to CO2 cartridges), we’re happy that this one is a green gas shooter. Green gas just feels so much smoother and is easier on the airsoft gun. That’s a matter of preference but we call it a bonus.

The trigger and action of this 6mm airsoft pistol are crisp, which is a nice feature on any airsoft gun, but especially on a gas blowback airsoft pistol.

Expandability is also a nice feature. This Glock 19 Gen 3 airsoft pistol is made with a section of rail under the barrel – which means you will not need to install an adapter or make any mods if you want to mount an airsoft attachment under the slide. Lights and lasers go great here.

We also love the price – which, if you get it where we’re suggesting (see below) is under $170, and the guaranteed lowest price you’re going to find.

Could It Be Better?

Are there any things about this Glock 19 airsoft replica that could be better?

Ultimately, not really. Some users don’t like the orange tip, but that’s to be expected.

It’s a little light on power, but you can go for a CO2 airsoft pistol replica instead if that’s that big of a deal to you. This is a sidearm, though, so be serious.

Also, you can make an easy mod to boost FPS by a bit, anyway. Simply wrap the hop-barrel junction with a few rounds of plumber’s thread tape to create a more gas-tight seal that will add power to your airsoft pistol. You could also install a tight-bore barrel to improve accuracy if you felt it necessary.

Maybe we could also take away a point or two for the 21-round magazine. But, to be fair, the lower cap mag is more realistic, and you shouldn’t be expecting to wring hundreds of shots from your sidearm, anyway.

Where Can You Get the Best Price on This Glock 19 Airsoft Pistol?

All in all, this Glock replica is a solid buy, especially at the price.

So, the big question is, where can you get this Glock 19 airsoft pistol

MiR Tactical is a sure bet. They offer a price match guarantee on all airsoft guns and airsoft accessories, ensuring you the lowest price on whatever you need – including this replica.

Plus, they sell a wide range of attachments, parts, and accessories for making customizations.

Check out their collection online at or get in touch with them directly at 800-581-6620 for more information.

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