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Airbrush makeup: Type, benefits, and suitable skin

If you have seen makeup ads recently, you must have heard many makeup brands claiming that they offer an airbrush finish. What they mean is with the makeup product they are selling, you can get a natural, flawless, and skin-like finish. It is the success and usefulness of airbrush makeup that has made it a market leader and a synonym for immaculate skin after makeup application.

If you have heard the word airbrush makeup for the first time, you must be thinking that it is a new concept in the market but that’s not true. Airbrush makeup was invented back in 1879 but for a long time, it has been kept as an industry secret by makeup artists working in Hollywood movies and fashion shows. But those restrictions are now over and now the world of airbrush makeup has been made available to the masses.

It just takes a couple of tries to fall in love with the sheer layers, smoothness, ease of use, and flawlessness you get from the airbrush makeup application. Even if you have been using traditional makeup applications for a long time, you aren’t going to hesitate for even a single second before switching to airbrush makeup.

In this blog post, we will take a look at some common types of airbrush makeup, and their benefits and understand which airbrush makeup is suitable for which types of skin.

Different types of airbrush makeup

The first thing you need to fathom here is, the airbrush gun is the same in every best airbrush for makeup kit you are going to buy. There is no difference in the mechanism of the airbrush gun. The only difference in the kits is the type of airbrush makeup formulas you use. Here are some common types of airbrush makeup formulas available in the market-


This type of formulation is one of the best options for all the people who are struggling with oily skin as the water-based formulation settles to a nice-looking matte finish. There is no other makeup formulation that works so well for people with oily hair. Also, the matte finish of the best airbrush for makeup kit is easy to build proper coverage. It is also good for people who work under bright lights where even a single shot of shine on the face is not good.


There is a presence of a high percentage of alcohol in these types of airbrush makeup formulations and it has the best durability. This means that it can last longer than your usual makeup and you won’t even need touch-ups. But because of the presence of a high amount of alcohol, a fine airbrush makeup artist will never recommend using it. An alcohol-based formula is a good option when you are to get rid of permanent marks on the skin or remove tattoos.


If you are someone who loves natural-looking makeup and doesn’t want the face to look cakey, you should always stick to a silicone-based formula. Apart from offering you a natural look, any good airbrush makeup artist will say that silicone-based formula is the best option when it comes to water-resistance and smudge-proof features. The silicone-based formula even deepens after a couple of hours and therefore, you must stick with a lighter shade.

What are the benefits of airbrush makeup?

If you are going to buy an airbrush makeup kit and get rid of the traditional makeup tool, you should know about the benefits of the airbrush makeup kit as this will help you in making the most of this new makeup application entry in your wardrobe. Here are some common benefits of using airbrush makeup-

Lasts all day long

When you use airbrush makeup, you don’t need regular touch ups as the silicone-based makeup formulation used in the airbrush makeup gun is known for its durability. It can also withstand hugs and kisses that are always inevitable at parties.

Easy to layer

Many women struggle with layering and they end up applying multiple layers of makeup which look cakey and heavy. But you won’t have to deal with such issues with airbrush makeup. The makeup will be sprayed on your face and thus you will get sheer layers.

Minimal use of makeup product

The best thing about airbrush makeup is it uses a small amount of makeup product to give you complete coverage. This has been made possible because of the spray technique and better control through the trigger or lever mechanism.

Airbrush makeup is good for which skin type?

Doesn’t matter whether you have oily skin or dry skin, you won’t have to deal with any problems while using airbrush makeup since it never makes contact with your skin. And since the airbrush makeup kit is available in different colors, you get a color suitable for every skin tone.


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