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Applications of Split Leather In Manufacturing

Knowing the different types of leather and how they are used is a very important topic for manufacturers. In this short article, let us learn the basics of split leather, how it is extracted and used in manufacturing.

While processing leather, it turns into different products. However, the first step is to split the leather. After receiving a hide, a tanner finds it between 5 to 10 millimeters thick. The splitting of this leather results in three layers known as top grain, full grain, and split grain. After splitting, the scrap that is left is also made into bonded leather. In this process, some chemicals are used and the scraps are pressed into a solid piece of leather.

The best split among the derivatives is the top grain cut, which is sent for dyeing and then used as a raw material to make high quality products. The flesh side of the split, which is now remaining is used to make the split leather products discussed above. Split leather looks rough on both the sides until one of its sides is refinished. Once this is done, it is known suede and is used for making a range of products.

Split leather applications
You will be surprised to know that many of the common products we see around us are made of split leather. One of the most popular applications of split leather is the making of leather work gloves. The abrasion resistance property of split leather makes it an ideal option for making gloves. This property makes split leather gloves stand up to rubbing, friction and wear and tear. Therefore, gloves made of split leather are highly durable. Also, they have more flexible properties when compared to grain leather gloves, which are a bit stiffer than them.

Some types of shoes and clothing use split leather. Split leather is one of the best options for cheaper clothing, while still retaining the feel of leather in the products made thus. The other applications of split leather include different types of shoes like Elvis’ Blue Suede Shoes. This leather is best suited for sneakers due to its breathable properties.

One another popular application of split leather is found in upholstery. Split leather is also used in car interiors, recliners and couches. In quality piece of furniture, split leather is usually avoided for the main body of the chair that is exposed to a lot of body contacts like the seats, backs and armrests. However, in these cases, split leather is used for the backside and outside of the furniture.

Take away
Split leather is not the right choice for leather products like belt, sofa, or purse. In some cases, split leather is supplied after disguising with an artificial grain coating to get the looks of real leather. Therefore, exercise great care and get the best split leather sourced from renowned cow split leather manufacturers in India for a wide range of manufacturing applications.

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