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Apps to recreate the magic of Christmas that will excite any child

At Christmas, children experience the festivity with much more enthusiasm than we do. They are looking forward to Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men. That’s why we bring you these apps, which are ideal for the little ones who love Christmas.

What better way to celebrate the holidays than downloading Christmas and festive apps. App developers have worked to create proposals that may interest readers who are looking for applications that entertain the little ones in the house.

This list that we have compiled brings several fun Christmas-themed apps to get kids excited for Christmas . You can assume that they are all simple and for the whole family , that it is Christmas.

If you have long car trips ahead of you with the children and you wait long while your guests arrive for the Christmas meal , do not hesitate to use these apps. Although your children may need a hand, some are in English (but they are very simple, don’t worry).

Take a look at our list and download those that you like the most. Or all and, since it is your children who decide what they want to play. Merry Christmas to all! Remember to decorate the tree well and free the chimney, Santa Claus is coming . Finest Loan Hub

Video call with Santa Claus

Any child of the age to believe in Santa Claus will love video chatting with him this holiday season. This application allows you to organize video calls in which Santa Claus calls the children by his name, asks them what they want for Christmas and even argues with them about their behavior.

It produces a shareable video of the conversation, so you can listen to it later to keep up with her gift list, or share it with your family too .

The application is free . Although in-app purchases allow for an increased level of customization and it also offers 38 different “episodes” so your child can make multiple calls.

Some of them are set up specifically for Santa to make comments about homework being okay and the bed to be made. In-app purchase options include customizations for a wide range of children’s names.

Color Santa Claus


This app stands out among all Christmas coloring apps for several reasons. Users can choose the colors and also the “media” they want to use. The app can imitate finger painting and watercolor, as well as standard coloring.

It also has a great system for choosing the exact shade you want and for mixing colors, so kids can learn a lot about art in general. Best of all, the application is completely free.

It includes multiple drawings and will keep your young artist busy for hours. The developers remind everyone that coloring can be very therapeutic, stress relieving and a very rewarding hobby.

3D Christmas Gingerbread Race


Looking for a little more excitement for your holiday entertainment? Try this racing game with the classic gingerbread. The elusive gingerbread man is back at it again, escaping down the road, tumbling, running, jumping and dancing.

Help him escape from one danger to another and earn points along the way. You can even unlock other characters. This app is free on the App Store , though it offers in-app purchases.

Find the hidden objects to decorate the Christmas tree


This is a fun app that will keep kids busy for hours before and after the holidays. They must go on a virtual treasure hunt through Christmas scenes, such as Santa’s workshop, and find hidden decorations for the tree.

When they have found what they were looking for, they can use their loot to decorate the tree. It is possible to coordinate it by colors, even changing the color of the tree itself. If your child is like most, the louder the better!

There are loads of possibilities, with literally boxes and boxes of decorations to collect. It’s all the fun of a scavenger hunt combined with the sheer joy of a tree with endless ornaments to collect and place. And best of all, the app is free

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