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What are the business benefits of app store optimization?

app store optimization

We realize how great your app is. The more individuals who enjoy it, whether or not we contributed to its creation, the better—for the general public and your financial performance. So how can you get more people to download your app? ASO is also known as app store optimization. In this post you will read the benefits of ASO recommended by mobile application development agencies.

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What is App Store Optimization?

App store optimization is a technique for enhancing an app’s exposure in an app store (ASO). In app stores, every app is ranked based on a number of factors. By using good keywords, useful images, and localized descriptions, you may improve your ranking and, as a result of that visibility, increase downloads. Although ASO and SEO are occasionally contrasted, the former largely concerns the search function and ranking algorithms of an app store. There are certain areas where SEO and ASO intersect. Which can be advantageous when you first try to raise your App store rankings.

Who are the Whoville people?

ASO is a closed-site search engine in reality. In a similar way to SEO, the proper indexation, discoverable content, and manipulation of the App store’s ranking algorithms are all essential. If you can successfully explain how to use your app to the app store and potential users, there are many of opportunities to increase reach and drive app installs.


App Store Optimization is referred to as ASO. It essentially refers to raising an app’s visibility in the app store. (If you’d like to learn more about ASO, read our definitive guide.)

But SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is the opposite. Increasing a website’s exposure in search engine results pages is done through SEO (SERPs).

The fundamental distinction between ASO and SEO is that the former is used for app stores while the latter is used for websites. Typically, this is the justification used by most people. The word “SEO” is more widely used. People will tell you that ASO is “mobile SEO” or “SEO for apps” because of this.

Benefits of ASO

Brand Awareness

Brand recognition is aided by app store optimization because its goal is to raise an app’s rating. A good rating implies that individuals who may have never heard of an app before will be introduced to it and download it if it helps with their needs. Most people find new apps simply by typing in keywords and browsing the app store. As a result, app store optimization is crucial in ensuring that users know the existence of an app and, consequently, the brand it is connected to. As any marketer will tell you, increasing brand recognition is one of the most crucial elements in attracting new clients and earning income.

More Conversion

The ability to connect with the targeted individuals who have previously demonstrated comparable interests is one of the most crucial reasons to employ ASO services. Only a dedicated ASO team can accomplish this. To make an application more discoverable, it will look for the essential characteristics to include in it and employ the proper set of descriptions. The team will establish the track after learning the intended audience’s terms. The audience will then be able to download your application by following its trail.

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Your app’s future is significantly more secure thanks to these more downloads and higher income. While investing your real money in paid marketing strategies right away could attract new customers, this is not a long-term solution. It could be tempting to increase your marketing budget as downloads slow down, but this is not always wise because the funds will eventually run out. However, you can keep those organic downloads flowing steadily over time by boosting or maintaining your position in the app store. Along with steady effort and regular page modifications.

Increase organic download

Long-term success is ensured, and organic installs are increased with a solid ASO campaign. When people look up keywords connected to your app, they will always come across it. Monitoring and adjusting your ASO strategies will ensure that your efforts are successful and that you are obtaining the conversions you want.

Rating & Reviews

The ranking of an app in the Apple and Google Play app stores is significantly influenced by ratings and reviews. They are also essential factors that influence customers’ initial decision to download your app. Which results in a beneficial cycle of high visibility. Each shop uses a distinct set of standards to determine which reviews appear on the page for your app.

In addition to being displayed in a user’s search results and featured app charts, ratings and reviews are taken directly into account when determining an app’s ranking. The ratings for your software can be reset in the Apple App Store after every update, but not in the Google Play store.

Make sure you give tracking your average reviews and ratings and obtaining more favorable feedback from current consumers a high priority. Because doing so will help you increase your rankings.


ASO is, without a doubt, a terrific approach to optimize the app listings and raise your app’s visibility in the App stores, so let’s wrap things up. Make sure consumers can find and download your application. Utilize ASO marketing as effectively as possible to differentiate your apps in the crowded mobile app market. It will help if you put time and effort into App Store Optimization (ASO) to reap its benefits. Start Right Now!

You must pay special attention to your App Store Optimization approach. If you want a successful app with lots of visibility, downloads, and the ability to make money. It has been shown that specific factors will favor how well your app ranks. Even if Apple and Google do not disclose their exact technique for determining app rank.

If you already have an app, keep it updated, well-maintained, and with a quick, fluid UX. This will inevitably result in favorable reviews, which influence rankings. Make sure to either construct it yourself to a high standard or hire mobile application development firm. If you haven’t produced an app yet but are exploring the possibilities.

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