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7 Best Affordable Tablets Under 15000 – Buy the Best For You

Users of the Lenovo tab always benefit from seamless service and high functionality. You may simply choose a Lenovo tablet under 15000 if you have a tight budget. Despite the low price, these tabs offer high-quality performance all the time. The best thing about Lenovo tablets is the ability to upgrade them. If something does not match your requirement, you can upgrade the feature to get the best benefit. In addition to this, Lenovo tablets are lightweight and sleek. 

For this reason, carrying Lenovo tablets becomes an easy job. You can just slide these devices inside your bag and you are ready to go. In case, you are confused about which tab to buy, here is a list of affordable Lenovo tablets and tablet features to look for. 


The RAM space is your first priority while shopping for a tablet. It does not only enhance tab performance, but it also speeds up its operation. So, if you are not willing to lose time, you can shop for a Lenovo tablet which does not compromise on quality despite the low price. 

Lenovo Tab M10 HD

If you don’t want to go for ordinary tablets, you can easily go for this tablet. It offers super-fast operation and a plethora of high-quality features. It provides you with more screens to enjoy videos and movies. So, it enhances both your professional and personal life. You have to pay Rs 10,949 for this tab. 


A strong CPU ensures constant and uninterrupted service. You will find affordable Lenovo tablets with strong processors for under Rs 15000. Even if you are looking for a tablet under 15000, Lenovo will be a perfect pick. It is because Lenovo does not compromise on performance. The high-performance Lenovo tablet can meet all of your gaming and non-gaming needs.

Lenovo Tab M7 3rd Gen

It is a high-performing tablet to look for if you are on a tight budget. This device makes work easier. You can check emails, or watch videos without interruption with this tablet. It offers a wide screen to enjoy videos and movies. This table comes for Rs 7,998. 

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Lenovo Tab3 730X 4G 

It is another trending tab that comes under Rs 15,000. If you have a tight budget, you can purchase this tablet. It meets all your requirements by offering high-quality performance and durable service. Despite, its low price, it provides a wide screen which makes watching videos or movies a delightful task. You can use this tab for professional purposes as well. If you have the need of emailing or typing documents, you can purchase this tablet without hesitation. 

Due to its powerful processor and high-quality RAM, this tablet provides super-fast operation and a seamless work experience. You will get a 7-inch screen for a better viewing experience. 2GB RAM and 16ROM make the uninterrupted operation possible. If you use tablets to capture images, you can go for this device. It provides a 5MP camera for an enhanced photo-shooting experience. You will get this tablet for Rs 14,870.    

Size & Weight

Tablets have gained fame because of their size and weight. People usually prefer lightweight gadgets to carry around. So, if you are looking for a tablet under 15000, you can go for a Lenovo tablet which does not only come for an affordable price, but also feature a sleek, thin, and lightweight body. 

Lenovo Tab M8 HD 

This tablet comes for Rs 8,899. It features an 8-inch screen which is larger than any smartphone. For this reason, if you are looking for a gadget to support your reading habit or help you study, this tablet can be your best pick. It supports WiFi connectivity and offers uninterrupted service. With this tablet, you will not have to worry about slow performance. 

Despite its low price, it features a stylish design that wins over a lot of people. From android OS or quad-core processor, this Lenovo tab provides everything one might need for high performance and continuous service. If you are worried about your eyesight, you can keep your worry aside. This tablet comes with high-quality eye protectors which allow you to work for a long hour without hurting your eyesight.

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