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Best Board in Subway Surfers (Top 8)


Many subway surfers are faced with this dilemma “which one is the best Subway Surfers board?” To ensure you can achieve the speedy high score you’ve been trying to get by crashing your hoverboard on and off in your attempts to achieve.


Let’s refocus our thoughts and discover the top Board for subway Surfers.

#1 Super Board

The monster board must be the first seat and comes in three versions, one of which is smooth with the color green and angry eyes on the top and twin exhausts that point towards the back. The second version is more common with the basic, smooth, distinctive monster green look without exhaust.


However, you can make your monster boards more powerful by incorporating “speed up” boost “speed up” boost, which gives the monster board the look of a futuristic design with the exhaust running along the sides and then bending towards the sides. As long as you keep your hoverboard’s meter high, it will be one of the fastest hoverboards available for purchase with a price of 30000 coins.


After you’ve purchased your Board, you can buy the 2014 released Speed Up upgrade for 50 keys. It is also recommended to purchase the 2015’s Super Jump upgrade so that you can jump over any obstruction, including fences and trains. One player claimed that “the Monster Board with both upgrades is unstoppable.” Another user confirms that assertion with the following comment “I have every upgrade in the game, and I would say that the monster board with both upgrades is the best.”

#2 The Great Whiteboard

Beginning with the obvious, it is the sole Board available on Subway Surfers to resemble a great white shark. Also, as per hoverboard research, it’s the second-fastest Board you can get through Subway Surfers.

Like other hoverboards you can play with, this one will keep you safe from crashes for 30 minutes. If you do fall the Board, it will explode and recharge after some minutes before you can play with it again.

The white Board is unlocked by buying it with the equivalent of 20,000 Coins.


The awesome whiteboard also comes with the “Smooth Drift” upgrade. If you’re willing to sacrifice 60 keys to upgrade, you can add an upgrade called the Speed Up upgrade to increase the Speed.

This Board also utilizes the same animation for surfboards similar to hoverboards for surfboards which is logical since they have been identified in design.

#3 The Skull Fire Board

The hoverboard with the skull fire was made available to subway users through” New York” release “New York” release and is compatible with the upgraded double-jump feature, and an upgrade called the Speed Up upgrade.

But these upgrades can only be combined if they are used separately.


It’s a quick and flame-designed board, which has a hotrod-like feel to it. The skull fireboard will stop you from hitting the ground for 30 seconds. as with most hoverboards. It will explode and require a recharge if you crash.

With the flames shooting out of the front of the panel, you can see that you’ll be burning the railway tracks, leaving inspectors and their dogs in the dust. It is possible to purchase the Skull Fire Board for 75,000 Coins.

#4 The Teleporter Board

This is among the more distinctive-looking hoverboards because it appears like a portal you can use. Teleporter boards have the unique ability to zap in a single motion, which allows the user to switch lanes within a fraction of an instant.


However, the Board’s shortcomings in Speed are made up of practical aspects. The Board might not have any improvements; however, it’s one to think about when deciding which hoverboard to buy.

#5 The Hotrod Board

The hotrod is equipped with the exclusive capability of “Speed Up,” which means you’ll be flying across the tracks effortlessly. But it isn’t a special version. It is possible to unlock the Board by making a large investment of 280,000 Coins.


This Board was made available for free in both “Mumbai” and “Mexico City” editions, as well as an update called “Bangkok” update. Hotrod is among the few boards that make an impression with its character while surfing.


This hoverboard is one the most enthralling boards, with its engine positioned on top of the Board and exhausts and flames licking backward.

#6 The Daredevil Board

The hoverboard is expensive at 85,000 Coins. However, it will be worth the cost with the “Speed Up” special ability, which will propel you forward at amazing speeds.


The design of the Board is like a rocket. It protects users from falling for 30 seconds. Once you crash, it will burst into flames and recharge after a certain amount of time.


There are no available upgrades to the daredevil-themed Board. However, it compensates with its Speed.

#7 The Wind glider

It’s also a pricey hoverboard and the most expensive hoverboard in the game. It comes with a whopping $360,000 Coins to unlock. However, it’s possibly worth the cost since it features its “Smooth Drift” special ability.


The Wind glider came out in “Tokyo” in 2014 “Tokyo” edition in 2014. The Board appears like you’re flying an aircraft on railroad tracks.


This Board’s “Smooth Drift” ability, previously known as “Air Drift,” allows the possibility that when you’ve jumped, wings emerge, and you’ll be able to glide down for a couple of seconds and giving you a significant advantage.


Additionally, if you have the Super Sneakers turned on, then it will cause the wind glider board will be able to glide higher and allow you to glide across trains and obstacles alike.

#8 Big Kahuna Board

The” Big” Kahuna board appears exactly how you think it should. It is an all-white and orange board in its original design and also has side wings thanks to its “Stay Low” special ability and was among the first hoverboards that received “Stay Low” as the “Stay Low” special ability.


The most striking feature of the large kahuna board is that, when the characters are riding on the Board, they’ll behave as if surfing on the waves.


The hybrid surfboard and hoverboard are available for unlocking at 65,000 Coins. You can obtain the “Stay Low” upgrade for sixty keys. You can also upgrade to the “Smooth Drift” special ability only for fifty keys.


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