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Best Butterfly Simple Drawings For Kids | Tutorial

Simple Drawings For Kids with few basic materials, Basic Drawing For Kids guided drawing can be accomplished at home or in any primary school classroom. White art paper, watercolor paints, thin black markers, Sharpie pens, pencils, and erasers are also required. I advise using top-notch art paper because it can withstand water and paint and shouldn’t tear if done properly.

I advise using a large easel, chart paper, and standing in the front while instructing a group of students on painting. Students can use their materials while seated at their desks. Simple Drawings For Kids I take my time, teaching each lesson individually and outlining each step as I go. I provide plenty of opportunities for my pupils to listen in and ask questions. If you take your time and model the lesson in this manner, you will be most successful.

Drawing guidelines for a butterfly

Here are detailed instructions for drawing a butterfly.

Drawing a butterfly:


  • Lay down a large piece of white art paper in a landscape configuration.
  • Start by drawing a tiny circle in the center of the page.
  • Include a smaller oval from the bottom and a larger oval descending from the circle. The body of a butterfly has three sections: (the head, thorax, and abdomen).


  • Begin on one side and work to the other if you want to make large-top wings.
    Create an upward-curving wing that encircles the base of the thorax (middle body). On the opposite side, repeat.
  • Draw a curved wing shape that curves down and backs up, connecting with the base of the abdomen, starting at the outer corner of the upper wing to produce the smaller lower wings (lower body). On the opposite side, repeat.


  • Add the butterfly’s wing patterns next. Kids can either follow the rules or apply the ideas and examples offered to them in this situation.
  • Starting on the inside of each lower wing, draw a curved line. Then draw a scalloped line around it.
    To complete the design, center a circle in the additional area.


  • Draw a curved line within each of the upper wings to recreate them.
  • A scalloped line needs to be drawn inside of that.
  • From each inner point of the scalloped edge to the thorax, draw a curving line (upper body). We repeat ourselves on both sides.


  • Draw the two antennae that protrude in opposing directions from the head’s center.
  • At the conclusion, draw a swirl or circle.
  • Drawing the Butterfly with Details.


  • The absence of details would not lessen the beauty of the face because it is voluntary.
  • Draw two circles at the head’s top to add the eyes’ details. For the upper eyelids, create little curves.
  • Three little eyelashes should be added.
  • After each pupil has been drawn and colored, there should still be a very small white dot in each one.
  • If you like, give yourself a tiny heart-shaped nose and smile.


  • On your directed drawing of a spring butterfly, trace all the lines using a fine-point black marker or Sharpie pen.
  • A good white eraser can be used to remove the pencil marks.
  • The drawing of the painted butterfly

Several kids’ butterfly drawings that are free to print

It takes imagination, talent, and problem-solving skills to draw a butterfly. The creativity, tenacity, and curiosity of children who enjoy painting butterflies are higher than those who do not. Because it promotes social interaction and lowers stress, painting butterflies is beneficial for children with autism. For kids with autism, drawing butterflies can be a form of self-portraiture.

By painting butterflies, kids can have creative fun and encourage an interest in art. Kids can use colored butterfly drawings to practice a variety of creative techniques. A butterfly must be accurately drawn in pencil, colored, shaded, and then embellished with antennae, eyes, and markings. Although the final product might not appear realistic, it will demonstrate development from beginning to end in a way other projects would not. A complete list of BYJU’S young children’s simple butterfly drawings may be found below.

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