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Boost The Carrying Capacity Using E-Bike Pannier

E-bikes could change how much you can carry in a big way. Having an electric motor is helpful for more than just the obvious reason. There’s also the fact that the commercial success of electric assist has led to a wide range of e-bike pannier designs, so there’s probably one that will fit your needs. If you have a heavy load and need to go up a hill, e-bike pannier power will not only make it possible but also fun. If you want to travel by e-bike pannier with several small children, want to go off-road with all the gear for a big camping trip, or need to carry very heavy and bulky loads every day, there’s probably a design for you.

Tips For Heavy Loads In General

Before you look at specific options, it’s important to keep in mind some general tips for carrying cargo on an e-bike pannier in a safe and enjoyable way: Heavy things like to be as low and in the middle as they can be.

Brakes that work well and are strong are a must (hydraulic disc brakes are pretty much the new standard on e-bikes nowadays and help massively to make them effective load carriers).

The more you need to slow down, the heavier your load is. With heavy loads, you shouldn’t go too fast, especially downhill. Use the Arkel Coupon Code to save some bucks.

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Most e-bikes today have powerful motors that are driven by the crank. These motors are great for carrying loads, but larger hub motors that are geared for high torque can also do a good job. Choose crank motors with the highest torque ratings if you need to pull heavy loads. Bosch’s Performance Line CX is a top performer in this area, but Brose, Shimano, and Yamaha also make powerful options.

A well-made e-bike is a must for carrying heavy loads, and bikes with wider rims and tires will also help keep things stable and easy to control. Many hybrid and mountain bike-style e-bikes have strong rims and wide tires, and the spokes tend to be strong as well. e-bikes that are made for racing and are light are not likely to be good at pulling very heavy loads. If you ride an e-bike that feels stable and solid and handles well without a load, it’s likely to do the same with a load.

If You Carry “Too Much” On An E-Bike, Is That Against The Law?

There are no weight limits set by law for e-bike panniers, but the European standard says that the e-bike manual must say how much the rider and their luggage can weigh together, as well as the e-empty bike’s weight.

In real life, I’ve found these to be very helpful, but they aren’t the whole story. Some e-bikes seem to be rated too low, and I wouldn’t want to put the maximum payload on others. If you are carrying heavy loads for the first time or with a new e-bike or trailer, you should practice somewhere quiet to make sure you are happy with the setup and feel confident and in control.

Big racks

Most rear pannier racks can carry between 20 and 30 kg at most (often stamped on them). Some e-bikes come with a front rack, which is usually best for carrying lighter loads. There is always the option of adding a front pannier rack (almost no e-bikes come with them), but I find that care is needed if you don’t want to affect the e-bike pannier steering, so I rarely add more than 10 kg here. With a handlebar bag and a full “touring” setup on a typical “standard” e-bike design, you can carry up to 45–50 kg of cargo in addition to the rider. Batteries and crank motors that are in the middle of an e-bike pannier will help counter the weight of fully loaded panniers on the front and back. If you put batteries on top of a pannier rack, the bike will become “rear heavy,” which could make it harder to ride. If you have a lot of stuff in your back panniers, putting a hub motor or front panniers up front can help keep the steering from getting too light. Again, the best way to learn how to load and ride is to try and try again.

The Choice Of A Trailer

Ratings for trailers vary, but most luggage trailers can hold no more than about 40 kg. Trailers are great for moving things that aren’t too big or heavy, and they can also be a good way to move kids. There are a lot of different ways to take kids on a bike trip. These ways are explained in Cycling UK’s guide to child trailers and in Josie Dew’s article on bike touring with kids. In short, trailers are probably the best choice for most e-bikers whose load is bigger than what their bike can carry. There are single-wheel and two-wheel trailers, but I usually choose a two-wheeler because it puts more weight on the trailer and less on the rear axle of the e-bike pannier. There is no legal limit on how much can be pulled on a trailer, and trailer manufacturers are not required to give a maximum recommended weight, but many do. For savings use the Bikes Online Coupon Code.

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