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Campaign Power Couple: Combine Email and SMS Marketing

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One of the best methods for promoting your goods and services is email marketing. We build our emails with a mobile-first philosophy in light of the increasingly mobile nature of technology. But how can we maximize the benefits of this mobile way of life? Simple. through collaborating with SMS marketing. 

Combining forces 

You must be thinking that texting is obsolete. 

Even if the technology is dated, it nevertheless provides excellent reading and delivery. Including SMS in your automated email marketing process can improve the likelihood that people will read your message. For this reason, Guni SMS offers a text messaging mechanism that enables you to speak directly with users.

Uncomplicated and Quick 

Emails can remain unread in a user’s inbox for hours or even days. That is the situation as it is. Your subscribers or consumers might receive your message in only a few minutes using SMS marketing. You can instantly advertise a flash sale or a limited-time deal with only a few clicks if you have one. That’s all there is to it.

There is Always Text Messaging 

Consider how many individuals have smartphones with internet access, but these gadgets have restrictions. The first is that not everyone has a robust data plan, so they occasionally have the option to switch off their mobile internet. The second is that mobile device batteries can be drained by data connectivity. They might, once more, choose to switch off their internet at vital moments. However, your subscriber will be able to receive text messaging as long as the phone is on.

Each Individual Reads Their Texts 

Not just among youths and millennials but also among the majority of age groups, text messaging is one of the most popular forms of communication. Text messaging is a popular form of communication among friends, family, and coworkers. They can read their SMS messages even if they are not tech savvy. I’ll say it again: 90% of your SMS campaigns are read three minutes after delivery. For an outdated technology, not bad!

Text messages are brief and to the point. 

Until recently, mobile devices could only show text that was up to 160 characters long. Longer text messaging may now be created and read as a single message. While staying under the 160-character restriction might be challenging, it’s crucial that readers be able to quickly skim or understand your content. 

Therefore, if you believe that your subscribers are not reading your emails, think about sending them an SMS to remind them of your existence! You may reactivate dormant leads and persuade these individuals to check their emails and have a look at what you have to offer by including SMS into your automated email campaign.

A voucher for their subsequent purchase may be automatically sent to consumers who make purchases on your website by email to SMS. This encourages clients to visit your website again following a profitable transaction. With SMS marketing, you can enhance your ROI and better engage your subscribers. 

Gives you complete control over the timing and frequency of sending 

What does it matter if you can’t control when a consumer opens your message? It’s always possible to predict when it will arrive in their inboxes. Yes, you have total control over the time and frequency of your messages with both email and SMS. No matter how well-curated your emails are, they will never be able to elicit the desired response from your target audience until you get your timing just right. This is something that every email guru worth their salt will always tell you.

Email delivery timing is almost as important as the content you send (if not more). But mastering time is no simple task. It is as arbitrary as they come and varies greatly between industries. You won’t ever fully understand what works best for your audience unless you test out several days and times of the week. But after you’ve determined when they are most active, do everything in your power to send your messages at those times.

Fortunately, you have complete control over the timing of your promotions with both email and SMS. You can send messages through either of these channels at any time, and you can be sure that they will be received right away. 

Along with timing perfectly, maintaining your transmission frequency is also crucial. The sheer volume of messages that overwhelm their inboxes causes many customers to unsubscribe from a brand’s newsletter and other communications. However, it’s not just about offending the customer—sending emails too frequently might really work against you.

Enables you to take use of each person’s unique strengths 

Email and SMS are both very response-focused platforms, thus the insights they provide are also extremely complimentary. Marketers monitor common indicators from both channels, including as open rates, spam complaints, link engagements, and the amount of messages sent, to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns. They can therefore accurately determine audience engagement and calculate ROI (return on investment).

Additionally, monitoring the analytics for each channel separately might help you decide which one is best for a given campaign goal. For instance, SMS marketing is unquestionably the way to go if your goal is to increase your consumer response rate. On the other hand, using email is a no-brainer if the goal is to gain greater customisation. Similar to this, use SMS to send a concise message. Choose email instead if you wish to provide a lesson or anything similar with plenty of details. Both routes have certain advantages, and by judiciously combining them, amazing results can be obtained.

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