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Carbon Fiber vs Kevlar | What to Choose While Buying Online BMW Parts

The legacy of supercars is adding chapters with each new release by surpassing the recorded top speeds of their predecessors. In order to achieve these milestones and reach beyond them, many supercar manufacturers are turning to the new generation building materials. Products from these materials are specially designed as per the aerodynamics and allow the engine to utilize more power. Among these materials, carbon fiber and kevlar are gaining popularity among the producers of aftermarket parts. Carbon fiber consists of popular on-store and online BMW parts and offers a great variety of accessories to choose from. Here are a few bifurcating factors that can help you select the best product material for your supercar.     

Difference between carbon fiber and kevlar


Carbon fiber is made from thin, strong fibers of carbon while kevlar is a type of synthetic fiber made from poly-paraphenylene terephthalamide. The process of forming carbon fiber typically starts with a material called polyacrylonitrile, which is a synthetic polymer made from acrylonitrile, a chemical compound derived from petroleum. 


Carbon fiber is generally stronger and more rigid than kevlar, making it more suitable for structural applications such as car frames and chassis. kevlar is more flexible and has a higher impact resistance, making it better suited for applications such as bumpers and body panels.


Carbon fiber is significantly lighter than kevlar, making it ideal for use in car parts that need to be as lightweight as possible, such as racing wheels and suspension components. Many supercar owners are buying online BMW parts to replace with existing accessories for upgraded performance. Kevlar is slightly heavier but still lighter than most metals, making it a good option for parts that need to be lightweight but also need some impact resistance.


Carbon fiber is generally more expensive than kevlar due to its advanced manufacturing process and the high cost of raw materials. kevlar is more affordable, making it a good option for car parts that don’t require the highest level of strength and performance.


Carbon fiber has a distinctive black and white pattern that is highly sought after for its racing-inspired look making it count among highly demanded BMW USA accessories. Kevlar, on the other hand, is generally a solid color and does not have the same visual appeal as carbon fiber.

Manufacturing process

Carbon fiber is made through a complex process involving the heating and stretching of raw materials, while Kevlar is made through a simpler process involving the spinning of fibers from a liquid solution.


Carbon fiber is more resistant to wear and tear than kevlar and can withstand higher temperatures and harsh conditions. kevlar is also durable but may not hold up as well under extreme conditions.


Carbon fiber is difficult to repair due to its complex manufacturing process and the need for specialized equipment. Kevlar is easier to repair, but its availability might become a troublesome task. With on ground services from digital platforms, online bmw parts can be a good option for car parts that may need to be repaired or replaced in the future.

Environmental impact

Carbon fiber manufacturing has a higher environmental impact due to the energy-intensive production process and the use of non-renewable resources. Kevlar is made from synthetic fibers, which are not as environmentally friendly as natural fibers.


Carbon fiber is commonly used in high-performance car parts such as racing wheels, suspension components, and body panels. Kevlar is often used in less critical parts such as bumpers, spoilers, and body panels.



Carbon fiber and Kevlar are both strong, lightweight materials that are commonly used in car parts. Carbon fiber is stronger and more rigid, and is intensively available in Online BMW parts. kevlar is slightly heavier and less visually appealing and is dominated by carbon fiber products in aftermarket parts. Though both materials have their own unique properties, fiber parts are more suitable for different applications depending on the needs of the car.

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