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Crafty vs. PAX 3: A Vape Comparison

Two of the most well-known dry herb vaporizers on the market are the PAX 3 and the Crafty+, although they are very distinct machines. The newest portable vaporizer from The Bong Warehouse is the PAX 3. The Crafty Plus, produced by Storz and Bickel, is the Mighty’s little brother and the company’s portable vaporizer. But which is superior, Crafty or PAX?

The two dry herb vapes will be contrasted with regard to vapour quality, fine temperature control, battery life, airflow, simplicity of cleaning, portability, and other factors. You’ll be able to identify the advantages and disadvantages of these two vapes after reading this evaluation.

In a nutshell, the PAX 3 is more portable, elegant, and compact than the Crafty+.It has a longer battery life and heats up quicker. However, the Crafty Plus has a better display, a wider temperature range, and superior vapour quality and flavour.

The battery life and mobility of both vaporizers may be improved, and in order to completely regulate the temperature settings, both need a smartphone app. Let’s examine the differences between the two dry herb vapes in more detail. Furna’s dry herb vape with pre-loadable ovens

Vapor Quality Comparison Between PAX and Crafty


Conduction heating is used by the majority of portable dry herb vaporizers to vape cannabis. A conduction vaporizer is the PAX 3. Contrarily, the Crafty vaporizer employs hybrid heating, which combines convection and conduction heating.

The primary distinction is that the heating chamber in conduction vapes is located next to the element and is heated through direct contact. There is no direct touch when heating occurs by convection. In its place, heated hot air is sent through the oven. Conduction is prioritised above convection in the Crafty Plus, which uses both.

Crafty has a significant advantage over the PAX 3 in terms of vapour production, largely because of this unique technology. Even though Crafty doesn’t quite reach the same levels as its larger sibling the Mighty, it nevertheless produces superb vapour with a clean draw and mouthwatering clear flavour. It works with cannabis really well.

The PAX 3, on the other hand, offers a less satisfying vaping experience and is a little tougher to draw from. Although it still generates respectable vapour, the flavour is inferior to Crafty, and your hits have a stronger charred flavour a battery icon on a dashboard of a vehicle.

PAX 3 Battery Life vs. Crafty+

The Crafty vaporizer produces better, more flavourful vapour in part because of its size. Definitely not a pocket vaporizer is the Crafty+. To have a streamlined design and conveniently fit in your pocket, PAX had to make certain compromises in terms of the vapour experience.

However, the Crafty has a shorter battery life and takes longer to heat up. The Crafty’s batteries will run out after only 4-5 sessions.

The PAX 3’s battery life, in contrast, is a far more respectable 8–12 sessions per charge. Both vapes have non-removable internal batteries that are recharged through USB. The Crafty recharges in 1.5 hours while the PAX 3 takes 2 hours.

Thus, PAX 3 easily defeats Crafty in terms of portability. However, the battery still needs improvement, and loading the PAX while you’re on the go can be a real hassle. Additionally, both vapes require smartphone apps in order to adjust temperature, which reduces how portable they are.

Oven Size and Temperature Preferences

Similar amounts of cannabis can fit in the ovens of both vapes. The PAX has a slightly greater oven capacity of 0.3 grammes compared to the Crafty’s 0.25 grammes.

The two have significantly distinct temperature ranges, with the Crafty offering greater options. The temperature range of the Crafty+ is 40-210°C (104-410°F). From 355°F (179°C) to 420°F (216°C), PAX 3 is smaller.

When smoking cannabis, that range isn’t an issue, but the PAX 3 falls short when it comes to other dry herbs. In comparison to Crafty, a PAX 3 is more difficult to vape more delicate herbs (which require a lower temperature setting). Both devices contain a turbo mode button that allows you to quickly increase the temperature as necessary.



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