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Everything you need to know about Taxi Insurance Cheap Industry

Getting Taxi Insurance Cheap, is one of the major concerns of cab drivers. A cab is much more than simply a car to the drivers who operate them. It is their source of income. It merits protection with specialized taxi insurance because of this. Due to the nature of a taxi driver’s job, if you have been researching your alternatives for insurance, you have definitely seen that taxi insurance quotes are frequently fairly high. But we can assist you in finding taxi insurance cheap that suits your requirements and price range.

Different vehicles need different policies.

It is significant to remember that various vehicle types will necessitate various policies. There are numerous variations of taxi insurance that we might set up. You can get named driver policies or insured-only policies from the panel of insurers we work with. You’ll have a lot of options in front of you. Whether you want to get a single cover or insurance for your entire taxi fleet, you’ll have a wide range of options available to you.

Have all of the necessary information before you buy taxi insurance.

Please contact us and make sure you have the necessary documentation on hand if you want to purchase taxi insurance. For instance, determine if you’re purchasing insurance as an individual or as a business first. Your contact details and basic information are required. Make sure to have your vehicle’s VIN and your license close at hand to expedite the procedure. More easily than you would imagine, you can obtain a taxi insurance quotes. We’ll be pleased to prepare one for you if you get in touch with us.

How to Lower the Cost of Your Taxi Insurance

There is no contesting the high expense of taxi insurance. Is it possible to obtain lower premiums? Sure! Here are some pointers to help you comprehend how taxi insurance coverage is quoted.

Select a car that is in a lower insurance group.

Consider the insurance category the taxi is assigned to while making your selection. You could be able to benefit from lower insurance prices if your car is classified as belonging to a low insurance group.

There are numerous groups, with cars in the top group typically having the highest insurance prices. The Group Rating Panel divides vehicles into groups according to factors such as repairs, safety features, the cost of replacement parts, and the market value of the vehicle. To find out to which category your car belongs, visit

Drive carefully.

By abiding by all traffic laws and other regulations, you can avoid receiving a conviction. Convictions may significantly raise your insurance premium. Even if your offence was minor and unrelated to driving, some insurers may decline to provide coverage.

Opt for Clean record and no claim discount

Additionally, if you drive carefully, you can establish a spotless record for yourself and accumulate a no-claims discount over time. To drivers who have never filed a claim, many insurers will provide sizable savings on taxi insurance cheap. Those who avoid making any claims can get a reasonable discount. A discount on the cost of insurance may be offered to those who avoid filing any claims for an entire year. You can be eligible for a bigger discount if you go five years without filing a claim.

You might be able to pay a little bit more to “guard” your accrued no-claims bonus with some insurers. This implies that even if you submit one claim (or more) within a 12-month period, you won’t forfeit your discount.

Last but not least, those who have had their taxi badge for a sizable period of time may be eligible for lower insurance premiums. For these benefits, you must accumulate years of safe driving.

Available Insurance Types:

There are many different types and sizes of taxi insurance. Two categories of insurance policies exist:

Only the named driver or the insurance holder.

The insurance holder alone offers the least expensive level of protection, but the more names you include, the more expensive it gets. A Taxi Fleet Insurance is something to think about if you own a fleet of taxis.

What makes taxi insurance so expensive?

Despite frequently driving in crowded areas, taxi drivers log far more kilometres than other drivers. Since they run additional risks, taxi drivers’ insurance is typically more expensive than standard coverage. Additionally, cabs tend to be bigger than conventional cars and frequently have higher insurance groups. The cost of taxi insurance is significantly influenced by the insurance group that a vehicle is placed in. The premium will cost more the higher the insurance category. Because of this, taxi drivers’ premiums are higher. Taxi drivers typically pay higher taxi insurance costs than other types of drivers because of this.

What distinguishes private hire insurance from public hire insurance?

Vehicles used for private hiring are typically minicabs that cannot be flagged down at a taxi stand or on the street. They are only reservable in advance. Black taxis and other cars licensed by the council to pick up passengers from the street and at taxi ranks are considered public hire vehicles, in contrast. There are varying degrees of risk in these two groups. However, your age, location, and annual miles will have a greater impact on your insurance cost.

Can my spouse operate the taxi for personal reasons only?

It is possible for your partner to run your taxi service for personal reasons. Your spouse can operate your taxi for personal reasons without jeopardizing your insurance, so the answer is yes. To be sure, you will need to confirm with your licensing authorities that this is permitted or that your spouse has a valid private or public hire driver’s license. It may not be possible for them to operate your cab if they are not.

Would I need taxi insurance if I wanted to drive for Uber?

Yes! If you wish to drive for Uber in the UK, your vehicle must have private hire taxi insurance. Due to the fact that Uber does not own any of the vehicles that their drivers drive (many Uber drivers are regarded as independent contractors and use their own vehicles)They mandate that all of their drivers be fully covered by a car insurance policy. According to information current as of 20 December 2022, Uber does offer extra insurance for customers using the company’s app, although it is only low-level liability insurance.

Get a Quote for Taxi Insurance

For both private and public hiring, our staff at Protect My Taxi can offer coverage for a variety of taxis and cars, including black cabs, saloons, and MPVs. Call our staff at 0192 645 4927 to get up a free estimate for taxi insurance, or fill out the form to request a callback, and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible. In general, modifications are unacceptable. We can provide insured-only, named driver plans for individual coverage or for a fleet of taxis as punishment for convictions.

In general, modifications are unacceptable. For convictions, we can provide named driver, insured-only policies for high-value vehicles, individual coverage, a taxi fleet, or both. In an effort to ensure that you receive a fair offer, we will look through our network of insurers to find you the best deal possible for your taxi needs.

Protect My Taxi Insurance

With Protect My Taxi, we will search through our panel of insurers to find you our best pricing for your taxi needs. We will do our best to ensure that you receive a fair offer for taxi insurance cheap.  In addition to taxi insurance, we also provide interest-free payment plans to help you budget for your taxi insurance.

Why not find out if we have a secured No Claims Bonus available that could help you save money right away.

The following are advantages of taxi insurance:

For both public and private hire, special pricing

  • Low down costs and monthly instalments are offered.
  • reductions for the DSA taxi test (with some insurers)
  • Complete protection
  • cover for third-party fire and theft
  • Available third-party-only insurance
  • General Liability
  • Employers’ obligations
  • Your taxi insurance might cover:
  • Safeguarded No Claims Bonus offered (subject to acceptable criteria)
  • Minibus, Multipurpose Vehicles, and Car Coverage
  • Private and public hire taxi coverage
  • A 24-hour claims management service
  • instalment payments
  • British call centre

It couldn’t be simpler to arrange insurance with Protect My Taxi. With access to a panel of top UK insurers, for taxi insurance cheap we research and compare the market on your behalf. We look through the market to locate the best coverage for you and your cab. We do the legwork so you don’t have to, whether it’s for single vehicles or fleets. Call our knowledgeable experts right away, and we’ll help you discover the coverage that best fits your unique taxi needs.

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