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Let’s Discuss The Evolution Of Snapchat Logo

Snapchat Logo History In Details

Snapchat is an American multimedia messaging app that has millions of users worldwide. This message application was developed by Snap Inc. in the year 2011, 8th July this application has launched in the online market. Let’s find out the logo of Evolution of Snapchat Logo.

Did you know that Snapchat can understand 37 languages and its programming languages are R, C, Python, JavaScript, Cocoa, PHP, SQL, C++, Objective-C, Swift.  

On a daily basis, people use this platform but may not know these technical aspects. Apart from these, the Snapchat logo also has a history. Many users are worried about this ghost logo. Why does the Snapchat application company use this logo? If you think that they randomly took this logo idea, you may be wrong. 

Let’s discuss the history and evolution of Snapchat logo. 

The History Of The Snapchat Logo

According to Evan Spiegel,Snapchat’s iconic ghostly logo was conceived even before its founding. The first Snapchat incarnation was a vanishing image messaging app known appropriately enough as “Picaboo.” It’s unclear whether the name inspired the logo or the logo inspired the name.”

It is said that Evan selected the ghostly image to represent the fleeting nature. It is the initial reason to rake this image as an application logo.  The first Snapchat logo was a vanishing image that is known as “Picaboo”. The Snapchat neon logo is also famous around the world. What is it and how to invest– let’s explore by clicking here. 

However, it is not clear whether the logo is inspired by the name or the name is inspired by the logo. After selecting the cherry yellow and white theme, Evan drew the last design on his computer and gave birth to the final logo of Snapchat in 2011. 

The Evolution Of Snapchat Logo

In the beginning, Snapchat was not called Snapchat. “Picaboo” is the earliest name that represents the disappearing name. If the word spell “Pic a Boo” is translated into spanish, “Pic a Boo” means “Photo of a Ghost”. It can be said that Snapchat came out of this concept. 

According to the information, “Snapchat co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel called the logo Ghostface Chilian in tribute to U.S rapper Ghostface Killah, a gangster rap group member of Wu-Tang Clan. Since Spigel himself is a dedicated rap follower and artist, the name is no surprise at all.” 

2011 To 2013

The evolution of Snapchat Logo has started in 2011. If you remember the first look of Snapchat like the “Picaboo” icon.  It seems like a grinning ghost with two eyes, a smiley face, two hands, one tongue, and a round head with an uneven base. 

It looks like a typical Halloween sheet outfit. This is the first look of Snapchat. 

2013 To 2019

The new version comes in the year 2013 and it exists up to 2019.  Well, the new version appears faceless. According to the CEO of Snapchat, every single user of Snapchat is a symbol of Snapchat.  

However, the logo was redesigned for a completely different reason. The graphic design was changed. The user may not have recognized the huge difference between the previous version. 

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2019 To Present

If you are one of the Snapchat users, you may remember the 2019 Snapchat logo version. Apparently, the logo did not take a huge change. The designer just thick and dark the ghost outline. 

However, Snapchat did not announce officially the new version. As a result, users delete the application and write bad reviews. At that time, the CEO noticed that the thicker version of Snapchat makes the ghost logo more attractive.  

The History Of The Snapchat Application

To take off the history of Snapchat, we need to go back to 2011.  This is the year when a couple of University students decide to create a messaging application to share transient photos without permanently loading in the cloud. 

Just over one year, in November 2012, more than 1 billion images had been shared via the app’s iOS store, which averages around 20 million photos daily. 

The next year, 2013, the company launched new features  “stories” and “chat”. The chat feature highly rich the application in social media platforms.  The next step the company takes is to allow people to make face-to-face calls (video) in chat windows via live chat. 

In this way, Snapchat adopts new features to provide the best experience. People can upload a series of photos in the story which are visible for 24 hours. The report stated that by 2015, 75 million people used Snapchat. In 2018, Snapchat’s financial record explored 996% of the company’s total revenue. 

Soon after, Snapchat would officially be put together as a parent company. It is known as Snap, Inc. the video feature is the most often used feature. Every day 6 billion videos are created by users. 

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Final Words

So, these are all about the Evolution of Snapchat Logo and its creation. We have shared the logo history and the application history. It can be said that every application has this type of interesting reason that most of the users did not know. 

If you want to know any other application behind the logo reason or creation reason, you can visit our website.

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