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Here are the top 5 justifications for getting new aluminium windows and doors:

Are you looking into different materials for your aluminium windows and doors? Please allow us to argue in favour of aluminium.

All aluminium can be recycled indefinitely, making it one of the most energy-efficient metals in the world. It can be shaped easily, doesn’t rust or break easily, weighs almost nothing, and can withstand as much force as steel. All of aluminium’s remarkable qualities are preserved even after indefinite recycling.

So, if you’re thinking about upgrading your windows and doors, consider these 5 benefits of high-quality aluminium products.



New aluminium windows and doors are built to withstand extreme weather, such as heavy downpours and high winds, for much longer than older, less resilient materials. When properly installed, they prevent water from seeping in and rotting or warping the underlying material, which is the case with conventional materials. They’re also very safe and simple to keep up.


New aluminium windows and door profiles are high-performance, with a design that blocks heat transfer. Special Because it is able to reflect heat back into the atmosphere, low-emissivity (Low-E) glass can reduce the amount of heat that enters a building and the amount of energy that must be expended to cool it. The double glazing has a space between the panes, which along with the double rebate and draft-resistant seals keeps the building cool inside and the outside noise out.

Gives a contemporary appearance

Aluminium doors and windows, such as aluminium sliding windows, aluminium casement windows, aluminium ventilator windows, aluminium villa windows, aluminium tilt and turn windows, and aluminium fixed windows, are widely used in Indian homes because they are long lasting, energy efficient, low maintenance, and can be tailored to meet individual requirements.

Minimal upkeep

Aluminum windows and door frames, unlike those made from some more traditional materials, require very little in the way of upkeep. They’re made to last for years of daily use without losing their hue, sheen, proportions, form, or lustre.

Proof against Termites

Aluminum frames and sashes will not warp or corrode and will last for many years. They have a much longer lifespan than normal because they are immune to termites and fire.

If you must choose, pick the best. Select Alteza.

Alteza’s aluminium windows and doors are crafted with care and precision using only the finest materials and state-of-the-art technology to ensure that they look great, perform flawlessly, and last for years to come, exceeding your every expectation.

All Alteza aluminium windows and door profiles, including sliders, casements, ventilators, villa windows, tilt-and-turns, and fixed windows, have multiple chambers, thick walls, and a variety of glazing options, allowing for excellent thermal insulation. Alteza windows and doors feature original multi-point locking systems for maximum security and the option to add grills for further reinforcement of these systems.

The aluminium doors and windows offered by Alteza represent the pinnacle of aesthetics and practicality. With Alteza, you can personalise your home in a number of ways, including by choosing from a wide range of door and window frames, colours, glass, and glazing options.

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