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Here Is What a Translation Team Is Comprised Of!

The days when only firms on an enterprise scale used translation services are long gone. The growth of the internet has leveled the playing field for SMEs in the digital age. Today, even a startup with a small budget can set realistic goals of entering a foreign market or hiring an offshore team located in a country with a different language. But to succeed, SMEs must choose the best translation service provider.

The need for translation services has skyrocketed since the introduction of globalization and its impact on every business, and as a result, the market is now overrun with companies offering these services. So, it becomes your responsibility to weed out the undeserving companies, make a pool of the best translation companies, and choose the one that fits like a glove in your needs.

Although you will find many articles about what you should consider when choosing a translation services provider, like reviews, ratings, experience, testimonials, and the number of delivered projects, do you know about the team working on your content?

We have discussed what a translation team is made of and the role of every translation team member.


A translator is the backbone of every translation team. An ideal translator will always have good language fluency, basic knowledge of the topic at hand, excellent written communication skills, knowledge of the culture of the source and target language, unparalleled ability to work under pressure and with strict deadlines, and a high level of accuracy.

Translating written material from one language (the source language) to another (the target language) while ensuring that the translated version of the document conveys the same meaning, feeling, and message as the original is the primary responsibility of a translator who offers certified transcript translation through a translation agency.

In simple language, you can consider a translator as any certified person with above-average language comprehension skills, communication, and writing skills. The translator will first work on your document and then move it forward in the process.


Humans are prone to errors, and translators are no exception to this. This is why it becomes the duty of the proofreader to ensure that the translated document is 100% accurate. Without a proofreader in a translation team offering certified transcript translation, the quality of the translated document will be compromised, and the client will keep sending the translated document for revision.

A translator works on the last step of translation while ensuring that the document’s layout, quality, and non-linguistic requirements are met per the specifications. All the proofreaders focus on details, and they know how to work with requirements and guides. The lan s translated document is proofread at least 2-3 times to maintain accuracy.


Many people think that both proofreaders and editors are the same since they both work to improve the quality of the translated document. Although the objective of both editors and proofreaders might be the same, they work on different aspects of the translated document to meet quality standards.

Editors focus on the flow, structure, and readability of the translated content, as opposed to proofreaders who focus on minor issues like punctuation, syntax, and spelling that do not require language competence. Editors on a translation team offering Spanish translation services concentrate on this because content that is 100% accurately translated will still make sense if it flows smoothly.

Project Manager

A project manager is responsible for acting as a single point of contact for clients and the members of a translation team, delivering the project on time, maintaining the quality of Spanish translation services, understanding the specific need of the client, giving a quote, and setting the final price of translation services and much more.

A project manager should be available round the clock to answer the client’s questions, and they should also keep the client in the loop by offering updates related to the project. With a project manager, things can go smoothly in a translation team, and the delivery and quality of the translation project will be protected.

Account Manager

An account manager enters the frame when your translation requirements go beyond the primary translation offerings from a translation company. For example, if you are in search of a lan s service that is outside the contract, the account manager will be the person who will discuss your unique requirements. An account manager can also work with a project manager to ensure the quality and delivery of a translation project.

Wrapping Up!

When you know which people are working on your project, it becomes easier to set realistic expectations, and every update the project manager provides makes more sense. Although you might have yet to communicate with everyone in this blog post, knowing their roles and responsibilities is necessary.

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