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Honda Pridor 2023

Honda Pridor 2023


Whenever we are thought that we have to buy this Honda Pridor 2023 bike we think about the price, specifications, and features of the bike. We think that which is the right price or what features and specifications are installed in this bike. So, here we are to solve your problem with this article. In this article, I am going to tell you all about the prices, specifications, and features of this Honda Pridor 2023 model.

Honda Pridor 2023:

Atlas Honda and Honda Japan Motors both combine and make a bike Honda Pridor 2023. This is one of the best products that Atlas Honda and Honda Japan motors made. The bike has an innovative design and sleek look with an aesthetic figure.

The bike is the advanced version of the Honda CD 100 that was released before this bike. After the high praise and respect from the loyal customers of Honda that purchase the Honda CD 100, the latest innovation that Honda made is the special edition of the CD 100. The bike looks similar to the other heavy bikes made by the Company. Due to the high demand for this bike, the dealers are too busy in this week.

Honda Pridor provides a unique design with a modernistic style, comfort, smooth ride, and great fuel economy as compared to other CD70 and CG125 which are the competitors of Honda Pridor 2023.

There is great comfort that Honda provides to their customer is that the bike has low maintenance costs and the body parts are easily available in any location. Therefore, customers don’t worry much if the body part of the bike is damaged on a long trip or in any location.

Honda Pridor motorbike is the replacement for the Honda CD 100 but with more features and an advanced level. The bike has an aerodynamic design and a handsome mileage average. The bike has a 4-stroke OHC engine and great suspension. The bike is also useful for long journeys and has high durability but that’s not enough, Honda Pridor has Luxurious power to compete with other bikes on the road.

Specifications of Honda Pridor 2023:

Engine: The engine of the bike is a 4-stroke Air-cooled Single Cylinder.

Displacement: 97cc

Frame: The bike frame is the double cradle

Dimensions: the dimensions of the bike are 1986*718*1050 mm

Transmission: There is 4-speed Transmission of this bike.

Horsepower: 7.5 HP at 8500 RPM

 Torque:  The torque of the bike is 7.2 Nm 5500 RPM

Compression Ratio: 9.0:1

Top Speed: The bike will give you a top speed of 100 Km/h.

Fuel Tank Capacity: There is a 9.7 Liter petrol capacity in this bike.

Mileage Average: The bike will give you a 45 Km/L fuel average.

Starting: Kick-start

Wheel size: The wheels size are 18 inches

Ground Clearance: The ground clearance is 156mm

Front Tires: 2.75-2.75

Back Tires: 2.75-18

Honda Pridor Colors:

The bike is available in three colors which are Red, Black, and Blue.

Pros and Cons of Honda Pridor 2023:


  • Because of the popular brand, the bike’s resale value is great
  • Parts are easily available
  • Smooth and comfortable ride


  • Lag Power
  • The bike shape is the same and similar to other models
  • The exterior look is concise

Honda Pridor 2023 Price in Pakistan

If we talk about the motorcycle price in Pakistan of the Honda Pridor 2023 then there is a dollar up and down problem. I can explain you in detail. In Pakistan, the dollar fluctuated every day, every month, and every year. So, when this bike is launched in Pakistan its price is very low but now because of the fluctuation of the dollar, the bike is available at 161,900 Rupees in Pakistan.  The bike is also available as a used bikes

Honda Pridor Competitors bikes

There are few bikes that are competitors of Honda Pridor.

  1. Road Prince RP 110 gives you high competition because of the great powerful engine and best fuel capacity.
  2. Unique UD 110 has an electric start feature and an affordable price to Pridor.
  3. Suzuki GD 110S has strong customer loyalty and high resale value than Pridor. Pridor beat the Suzuki GD 110s in price or in weight comparison also Pridor has high fuel capacity than the GD 110s


The article is completely focused on the specifications and the price of the Honda Pridor 2023 in Pakistan.

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