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How To Care Bird of Paradise After Buying Them From Plant Store

The best indoor plant to make a statement is the Bird of Paradise. It elevates plant styling to an entirely new level. With proper care, this well-known plant produces massive leaves that create a tropical focal point. The flowers, on the other hand, may be the most beautiful aspect of this plant. This houseplant gets its unusual name from the fact that its beautiful flowers resemble birds. Unfortunately, most strelitzia will not bloom indoors, but we’re here for the leaves. If you take proper care of your Bird of Paradise after purchasing it from a plant store, it can be a speedy plant that quickly outgrows its space. Learn how to care for these lovely creatures!


The Bird of Paradise requires a lot of indirect, bright light. These plants can grow quite large, requiring a lot of light to do so. They also require a lot of light to bloom indoors, which happens only occasionally. We recommend finding a location that receives at least 6-8 hours of indirect sunlight daily. Strelitzia can survive in low-light environments, but its leaves will be shorter and grow more slowly. Plant them outside, but give them time to adjust to the weather by starting them in the shade before moving them to full sun.


Allow the top couple of inches of soil to dry before watering, and soak the soil so thoroughly that any excess water runs out of the grow pot. Because this houseplant requires a lot of bright light, the soil may dry out faster, so be prepared to water it more frequently. During the fall and winter, you should water your massive Bird of Paradise less frequently.


Temperatures between 65 and 85°F are ideal for Strelitzia Nicolai. Because it is a tropical plant, the Bird of Paradise dislikes cold temperatures.


The Strelitzia Nicolai can survive in average humidity but thrive in higher humidity. To create the ideal environment for the Bird of Paradise, place it in a normally humid area, or use a vaporiser or a pebble tray filled with water. Learn how to increase the humidity of the air around your indoor plants.


During the growing season, fertilise every other week with diluted liquid fertiliser. On top of the soil, add a 1″ layer of organic compost. Scratch the compost into the top layer of soil and water it thoroughly! The Bird of Paradise plant grows quickly, and providing it with additional food can help it reach its full potential.

Rate of Growth

Bird of Paradise is an indoor plant that grows quickly and can get as tall as your ceiling! They can grow more than two feet a year in the right place.

How to Grow a Bird of Paradise

The best way to spread a giant Bird of Paradise is by dividing it. But because Birds of Paradise like to have their roots close together, it is best to only start a new plant from one that has extra roots or has grown too big for its pot.

  • Spread a newspaper on the floor and take the plant out of its pot. You should see a huge mass of roots.
  • Figure out which parts of the plant you’ll cut off – Carefully start to pull the roots apart or untangle them. Use clean shears if you need to cut something.
  • Repot in new soil. Once you’ve separated the pieces, repot them in new soil, pack them down tightly, and give them a lot of water. You’re done!


The giant Bird of Paradise is a well-liked houseplant because its large, glossy leaves evoke images of a tropical rainforest.

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