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How to choose the right SAP-managed service provider?

If you keep tabs on the IT field and have been using the services of IT-managed service providers then you must have seen that nowadays, most of the IT service providers are re-christening themselves as SAP-managed service providers. Given the growth in the cloud sector and more businesses adopting IT infrastructure and services, there is no surprise why IT service providers are doing so.

There are many businesses out there that are currently thriving on the SAP landscape. SAP applications are the core of every business model in the current age. But if you are using the on-premise SAP applications, moving them to the cloud platform can prove to be a herculean task and this is where you need outsourced SAP managed services.

With a market full of SAP-managed service providers, it can prove to be quite difficult to decide which one will be a fit for your organization. But you don’t need to worry as in this blog post, we will discuss how you can choose an SAP-managed service provider without futzing on the internet.

What are SAP-managed services?

It is a common IT phrase that is used to describe all the offerings by an IT service provider around technological solutions like SAP HANA, SAP systems, SAP applications, and every aspect of the SAP milieu. The offerings from an SAP-managed service provider begin with hosting the virtual or physical servers on the cloud platform.

However, the offerings are not limited to this only as they may even extend to security-related activities and can reach SAP application layers as well. There are many IT services providers offering SAP managed services that offer complete SAP managed services.

How to choose the right SAP-managed service provider?

Always consider data line

One of the most talked-about benefits of the cloud is it reduces your dependency on infrastructure and thus you save time, space, and money spent on the infrastructure. This acts as a savior for all those SMEs that struggle to build a safe and stable on-premise cloud infrastructure because of a lack of resources.

With the cloud, you can scale rapidly and grow without the need of maintaining your own data center. But this doesn’t mean you don’t even have to think about infrastructure. If you are managing a global company, you might need a data line to achieve performance, throughput, better availability, and many other goals. A good SAP-managed service provider offering SAP managed services can access your needs and then decide whether a private data line will be necessary or not.

Never overlook certification

The most important thing that you should never overlook while analyzing any kind of infrastructure-managed services is certification. You don’t need to be an IT expert to check and verify the certification shown by the SAP-managed service provider. Checking the certification is the best way to ensure whether an SAP-managed service provider is suitable for your company or not.

If you wish to delve into the certification details, you might even consider checking the certification of the employees of the service-providing company for complete assurance. Apart from the quality and experience, certification also guarantees compliance with industry standards and this is why it is necessary to check and verify it.

Immediate support and assured availability

It is the mission-critical nature of SAP that makes it necessary to have all your support needs to be addressed as quickly as possible and this is why a good SAP-managed service provider offering infrastructure managed services needs to ensure that all your problems are resolved as quickly as possible. It is necessary to fathom the response time of the application managed services provider.

Also, businesses that are dependent on SAP-managed services or application managed services can never afford downtime. A good SAP-managed service provider will always keep the SAP landscape up and running for his client. It is necessary that the SAP-managed service providers have a well-planned disaster recovery plan in place as this helps in replicating the data without any delay.

A RACI matrix

It is the most simplified and effective method to document and define project responsibilities and roles between a client and an SAP-managed service provider. When you know who is exactly responsible for which part of the service, whom to consult for which needs, and who must be informed at every step, making the most of SAP-managed services becomes easier.

Whenever there is an RCAI between the client and the SAP-managed service provider, the partnership improves automatically. Whenever you are choosing an SAP-managed service provider, you must check whether RCAI is a part of their service or not.

Choosing the right SAP-managed service provider is crucial and it becomes more necessary when your entire business is dependent on the SAP landscape. Consider the above-mentioned points and then choose the best SAP-managed service provider.

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