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How to Plan for An Attractive Trade Show Booth Design

trade show booth design

If something catches the eye, it remains in the mind. The same philosophy is used while building a trade show booth design. If your booth design is shabby and cluttered, it will not grab a single eye. Hence, you should design a trade show booth that grabs the maximum attention of the visitors.

Whether you are exhibiting for the first time or you are a veteran, you would want that attendee to look at your trade show booth design. Because it is the stand design that stimulates the visual stimuli of an attendee. Attendees visiting a trade show want to get stunned and amazed by innovations.

To get you started, we are listing down some of the booth design ideas that can be used by an trade show booth builder Las Vegas and many more cities to make your stand appealing.


The best way to attract everyone’s attention to a trade show is to build tall trade show booth designs. You need to stand tall amongst thousands of exhibitors. Before asking your custom trade show booth builder to build tall stands, check the maximum height you can go with your booth. But do remember to have a robust and sturdy stand design. Since this great height idea can turn into a misstep if it is not built well. Hence, have a trade show booth design Miami that will dominate the show.

INCORPORATE Virtual Reality/A Reality

In an era of technology, not making use of VR/AR can be a slip-up for your exhibiting experience. By making use of VR/AR you can showcase your products in action. This technology can be a huge help when you are planning to demonstrate your product. For example, if you have a brewery company, you can showcase the entire process of beverage making. Incorporating such ideas will create a memorable experience for your audience, thereby increasing your return on investment.


Graphics can add weight to your trade show booth design. Stunning graphics will give your stand an enhanced look. Having good graphics will not only be eye-catching but will also tell about your brand. Ask your custom trade show booth design company to create attractive graphics that allures the audience and make you stand out from the crowd.


Gamification is one of the newest trends that can make your trade show booth more attractive. we is basically an application of typical elements of gameplaying. It is used majorly to foster engagement with a product or a service. Adding a gaming element will not only boost the marketing strategy but will also provide visitors with a place to relax and enjoy. You can also customize these games according to your products. For example, a quiz about your products or solving a puzzle. Incorporating gamification will improve the visitor’s experience and further enhance brand recall.


Live video streaming is another way of making your booth look more attractive. Linking your live video streaming with social media websites can rouse curiosity and excitement among visitors. By using this idea you can provide a first-hand experience to the audience who are not able to visit the trade show. These videos can be used to generate hype during the show and also help during the post-marketing procedure. Use these videos for new product launches or product demonstrations.


By making use of the above exhibition booth design ideas you can make your booth look striking and attractive. You can even gather maximum attention. However, harmonize these tips according to your brand and product requirements.

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