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How to View Old Instagram Stories?

View Old Instagram Stories

Instagram is the fashion among all generations in recent times. Its first rate features, usability, Instagram memories, and image sharing options make it honestly particular.

Anyone can view tales of different people and themselves on top of their feed.

These Instagram memories closing for twenty-four hours and may be viewed countless times.

A ring of more than one coloring seems around one’s profile image, displaying that they have got published Instagram memories. When you click on the spherical icon around a pal’s name, a slideshow will play that carries all the stories of that person.

To view a person’s story, you should follow them, or their account must be public. However, a tale expires after 24 hours of it being uploaded.

Now, permit’s think you neglected a selected tale by some means while all your buddies noticed it, which makes you experience not noted.

After all, that is the technology that reports F.O.M.O (fear of lacking out) the most. According to many developers, the entire point of this 24-hour deletion aspect is to make you take a look at your phone now and then.

Social media platforms use this tactic to boom engagement and earn greater visitors.

So, it’s going to make you surprise a way to watch expired Instagram memories? Well, my buddy, we’ve got answers to all your queries.

How to See Previous Instagram Stories?

Well, I will rip off the Band-Aid. No, you cannot view beyond Instagram memories when they have expired. You see, the lifespan of these Instagram testimonies, irrespective of it is yours or someone else’s, is just 24 hours.

After that, they end up recollections on Instagram. Snapchat inspired this computerized tale deletion characteristic of Instagram.

However, not all wish is misplaced, chum. There is an exception to this example.

As the recognition of Instagram memories feature grew, so changed into the depth of the query “a way to see antique Instagram testimonies“? Several Instagram influencer’s percentage precious facts or cool hints and hints on memories.

It made the platform customers annoyed because these tales simplest had a time restriction of 24 hours. No matter how a whole lot we use our phones, we nonetheless can’t usually be glued to them.

In 2017, Instagram subsequently responded to their customers and introduced the functions of Highlights and Archives. Unlike Snapchat, it’s far feasible to shop tales on Instagram even after 24 hours.

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Now, your curious thoughts could be questioning the way to view old Instagram stories thru Highlights? A highlight is a fab characteristic on Instagram which could turn a tale to remaining for all time at the feed.

Stories introduced within the Highlights of an Instagram account can be viewed over and over with none time constraint. These stories never expire till and except the account proprietor chooses to take them down.

How to See Expired Instagram Stories with Highlights?

Story factors can be grouped in Highlights, which any consumer can submit on their Instagram feed. Even although they may be called Highlights, however they look exactly like a regular Instagram submit.


You is probably questioning, is there another manner to shop your testimonies and motion pictures on Instagram. Let me tell your something first-rate. Even though everyday Instagram stories disappear after an afternoon, but they nevertheless live archived on Instagram. Cool right?

Not many people understand what are archives on Instagram and the way they may be accessed. It is a function via which you can save your Instagram stories. Let’s assume your tale vanishes before you may even keep it.

Don’t you worry due to the fact you could nevertheless revive them? However, handiest you may use this selection for yourself; the testimonies received’t be seen to other humans after 24 hours.

How to See Old Stories with Archives?

Now Instagram saves your memories under Archives by way of default. To view the ones archived tales, visit the screen of your profile, press the hamburger buttons gift on the top-right facet of the menu. Select “Archive,” and you may view your archived tales.

These archived tales may be highlighted and re-shared as well.

In case the Archive feature isn’t always routinely became on, you could turn it on manually. Go to the Settings inside your profile and tap at the “Privacy” icon.

After opening it, select the “Stories” choice, and within, you could manually activate the choice of saving your testimonies to Archives.

Take a Screenshot

Other than Highlights and Archives, there are other options via which an Instagram tale can be copied. If the concerned tale is your own, then tap at the icon of “Seen By,” positioned at the left end of your foremost screen of the tale.

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You can pick out the Download choice, and the tale may be stored to the smartphone’s camera roll.

How to Capture Old Instagram Stories with Screenshots?

If the tale in question is a person else’s, you may still be smart and get a screenshot. However, in some states, the other character is notified when you took a screenshot of their testimonies.

Another innovative way is to apply such web sites through which stories of other humans can be stored.

One placing web page of such type is Stories. It enables you inconveniently saving exquisite content material of different influencers or maybe pals.

Whatever internet site you select for that cause, continually study its opinions first. For the website to work, you have to permit it to get admission to your records and Instagram account. So make sure that the selected internet site is trustable.

Ask Your Friend

If you have got by chance ignored your buddy’s story, the easiest and most apparent way is to invite your friend. You can request them to access their archives and re-proportion their previous memories with you.

If the tale is of a few remote acquaintances, then perhaps keep away from soliciting for their preceding tales. You sure don’t need to look desperate.

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