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How to Write an Essay About Your Internship Experience

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A variety of different college education programs require an internship. And once you complete the internship, you must write an essay about your experience. In this essay, you must have to describe your experience doing the internship. Plus, you can add details on how this experience supports – and will support – your academic growth. Cheap homework help is available to complete this task if you are facing any difficulty.

Let this article be your guide if you are one of those people who are new to this. After just one read, you will have the know-how to chalk your internship essay. After all, writing such an essay is not as challenging as it seems. In fact, it is quite a fun thing to do. Besides, outlining it can help you grow academically as well as professionally. In addition, writing an essay on internship experience is somewhat like writing a diary. But it would help if you gave it a personal touch along with other guidelines.

What really is an internship experience essay?

To put it in the simplest of words, it is a “no big deal.” It is your account of how you spent your time during the internship program. Plus, it outlines how the internship helped you develop your skills. You can add in how you learned new concepts. And you can write briefly about how you applied your knowledge in a professional setting. The following are some points you need to highlight when you write an essay on internship experience:

  • Nature of the internship
  • Experience earned
  • Overall contributions
  • Application of skills

Lastly, the basic structure is the same as always. Your essay needs an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

Why write an essay on internship experience?

Firstly, as aforementioned, it is academically required. You need an internship essay if you want acceptance into your desired academic program. In fact, for some degree programs, a brief essay on internship experience is required before obtaining your degree. Plus, this is a highly strict academic policy. You get academic acceptance only when you write an essay on the internship experience.

Secondly, it allows you to evaluate your experiences. Later, you can relate the evaluations to your development in the field. In addition, it allows you to describe how your internship helped you accomplish your goal. Plus, you can write and evaluate how the internship will support your growth. Writing about the internship experience helps you refine your evaluation ability. Moreover, you can apply your learning to your future achievements.

Points to follow when you write an essay on internship experience

The internship essay is all about evaluation. So, if you are not sure what to write, stay aligned with the following points:

The introduction should describe the overall experience

You must brief about your internship role in the introduction. And the introduction needs to be lengthy. After all, a lengthy introduction is always effective when you write an essay on the internship experience. Plus, you must state your purpose for completing the internship. In addition, avoid voicing your opinions and stick only to the facts. The narrative must be first-person if you want to make it engaging. All in all, the overall insight into your experience must be in the introduction. So, leave nothing aside while you write the introduction part.

The body should highlight how you achieved your goals

You can start by describing your goals. Later, you must write about the projects you handled and the tasks you performed. All in all, you must keep a flow on how you set and achieve your goals. Moreover, also highlight how this supports your academic development. You can keep the writing style simple. Simplicity will increase the credibility and understandability of the essay. After all, it is the most focused point when you write an essay. So, avoid using irrelevant terms and unnecessary words.

The conclusion should point out how the internship helped you

It would help if you wrote this section briefly. This part mostly comprises writing about how your overall experience will contribute to your growth. Remember that you write about academic, professional, and personal growth separately. Furthermore, you can give examples of the new skills you learned. You can write about how you will apply these skills in future projects. It is more of an “after” and “before.” So, highlight the changes you faced in the internship program. Moreover, when you write an essay on internship experience, outline your improvements and developments in the conclusion.

Further tips for when you write an essay on internship experience

Your internship experience essay is highly important. You must write it perfectly to be accepted into your favorite academic program. So, ensure it is error-free and revise it as much as possible. Plus, the length of your essay must be 300 to 700 words. Keep your essay around three paragraphs for maximum clarity. Moreover, consider the following tips when you write an essay on internship experience:

Describe actions and activities

Write details on what you did to achieve your objectives. Plus, voice only the facts – no opinions. You can state your perspective, not your opinions. In fact, write about your experience and highlight it as the opportunity it was.

Avoid irrelevant detailing

Focus only on the most relevant details. Plus, you can state how the experience boosted your academic and professional confidence. All in all, just stick to the side related to your academics.

Keep it concise for clarity

First, you must stick to the basic essay format. Second, you must keep relevant topics together when you write an essay. This helps you narrow down the focus to specific points in your experience. In fact, your essay will look appealing only when it is concise. So, try to maintain the clarity of your essay.


It is necessary to write an essay on the internship experience. And with the right knowledge, it is also easier to write it. The structure of the essay is basic, as always: introduction, body, and conclusion. But the main highlight is how you pen and what you pen in the essay. So, to write a perfect essay, you must detail your overall experience. You cannot voice opinions because of the irrelevancy issue. You must also keep the essay concise for maximum clarity and appeal.

Are you still confused about writing your internship experience essay? There are other solutions as well! The best one is to get online help. So many academic forms provide British essay writing services at a low cost and faster pace. If you feel like needing their help, you must get it. After all, acceptance into your preferred program depends on your internship essay.

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