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Joe Cianciotto on Emerging Trends in Architectural Concepts in Construction Industry

In the era of Big Data and ever-changing cultural trends, architectural concepts are also evolving like anything. With the evolving technological concepts and principles of architecture, it is likely to go far beyond merely building a structure.

Joe Cianciotto an expert in architecture and having thorough knowledge in the domain appreciate the advancements of technological advancement and remarks that it is transforming the way of the architectural design process in an unprecedented way. Some of the new trends that the industry has already adopted, on which the personality has focused on

Immersive technology

These days, architects can view the design of any construction beforehand or while it is in the construction phase with the emergence of immersive technology. It is no secret that VR technology is transforming the industries like engineering, architecture, as well as construction in manifolds. VR is undoubtedly a big leap for construction projects in their conceptual phase. Architects are now capable to evaluate how a design will look, and how engineering is likely to take its role to accomplish its objective.

Another introduction to the immersive concept is 3D printing. Adopting the huge 3D Printers will be incredibly helpful for forthcoming architects in creating amazing structures and determining the parameters of the design. Thus VR and 3D together will bring significant change in the architecture of construction like never before.

The smart cities

Smart cities define the way of urban development in terms of its sustainability. The concept of developing smart cities will enable architects to use the resources more efficiently while lowering their energy consumption and maximizing the efficiency of modern cities. In this phase, Big data will play a significant role to understand how people will utilize energy efficiently, the method of their efficient and healthy dwelling and different aspects of infrastructural modernization, and more.

Eco-friendly architecture

Humankind at this time is continually facing major threats of which global warming and the limitation of natural resources are the primary two. Architects should take up the issue with challenges in front of them and need to come up with superior solutions. One solution for them is adopting sustainable architecture. The key philosophies behind this movement lie in recycling things, reducing waste, and minimizing energy loss. According to Joseph Cianciotto that individuals can adopt this trend in their building design concepts by having an eye on the three major factors including the materials to be used, boosting energy efficiency as well as the location. By looking at these major factors and by following a holistic approach, one can surely embrace sustainability as a part of modern architecture.

Vertical building structure

While the space is limited, the population across the world is growing continues. Creative architects like Joe Cianciotto consider the vertical building structure as the best solution to space constraints. If architects are to address these escalating concerns, they must become creative in their ideas to make things done. This can be implemented for residential as well as commercial buildings. By collaborating, the architectural industry can boost their learning curve which will help them to get more spaces to accommodate the upcoming generation.

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