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Key Ways To Compare SQL Server Databases

Near about any database, an administrator should want to be able to compare the structures and data, between the tables in the database; or the whole database itself. Because of that, many may have looked for ways, how they can simplify this procedure; by just having a stored procedure, which will have two parameters only. 

SQL Server Compare Tools

These two parameters can be the names of the first and the second databases. They should have the functionality to compare the structures and the data. Moreover, should tell you the differences as well. This is exactly what the SQL server compare tools do. 

At the present you do not need to do everything manually with regards to analyzing, comparing, and documenting the databases in the SQL server, and when you want to Compare SQL changes.

Since database administrators are quite busy, they now have the opportunity to carry out other actions. And allow a specialized tool to do the work when they want to compare SQL. 

Full Control Over Databases

The utilities which may be used today can offer the user full control over the databases. No matter whether the databases belong to varying servers, they can still be analyzed, and compared effectively and efficiently. The most vital part here is that the tools are quite effective, when one wants to verify the reliability and integrity of the database, without fretting over safety issues. 

This is because they will not ever affect the data that is stored in any database in your system. 

One vital factor that you should check is the ability of the tool, to execute Compare SQL Changes function including analysis. However, it should not be designed to change or alter any data or structure.

Solving Issues Throwing Stored Procedures

However, one issue is that prior to the data being compared, the step that needs to be taken is, comparing the structures. Otherwise, it is like you are comparing without being organized. Hence, there is a prior requirement to make an effective and clear report, regarding the structural differences in advance. 

Apart from this, the datatypes text as well as the image and the text can not be utilized in a predicate. 

Moreover, you should check the fact that there are some columns found in tables, that store nulls. Even if setting ANST_NULS OFF, there is no probability that you could get TRUE if you compare two nulls. Although it is possible that you may compare two variables locally and get TRUE; comparing two columns that have nulls will indeed return UNKNOWN. 

With a stored procedure, you are able to solve these issues and compare SQL servers easily.

The Nutshell

This is how you can compare SQL Server databases.

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