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easyshare apk

EasyShare Apk is simply an application for file sharing across smart devices. Without an internet connection, users can share files without using any data. To exchange files, you only need Wi-Fi. Compared to Bluetooth Sharing, this is quicker. This programme quickly became popular after its release because of its well-liked features and enjoyable user interface.

When you launch this app, you’ll find a comprehensive list of everything stored on your device, arranged by categories, which is one of its key selling advantages. As a result, all of your installed games and apps are shown in the first window, which is then followed by videos, pictures, music, and other data.

Over 100,000 downloads of EasyShare Apk have been made to date. The majority of reviews are positive and have five-star ratings. Download this fantastic cross-platform file transfer app to your smart device now to start exchanging files at lightning speeds. In this article we will check out what is easyshare apk and what are the best alternative apps that you can use.

What is an APK file?

APK is the short form of Android Package Kit. The installation format used by the Android operating system is distinct from that of Windows software, which utilises the.exe extension. APK files like easyshare apk are downloaded and installed when you download an app from the Google Play store. When you download it through the Play Store, you won’t be able to see the file directly.

EasyShare APK features

Cross platform shares

Through easyshare apk, users can share files in many formats. With only one swipe, you may transmit and receive files with formats like AVI, APK, MP4, and JPEG. Operating systems for Android, Windows, iOS, and MAC are supported by all of these transfers.

No limitation on file size

The size of the data, documents, photos, videos, or apps that you want to distribute is not constrained in any way. easyshare apk was created by Vivo Communication Technology Co. Ltd. in a way that allows users to share and receive a limitless amount of data from their smartphones.

Lightning fast transfer speed

You have access to a speed of up to 40 MB per second with Easy Share APK. Documents, photos, videos, games, and other apps can now be sent and received instantly. Share a limitless amount of data whenever and wherever you choose.

No ads

Easy Share APK’s user interface is not only free of ads but also fairly simple to use. Users are thereby spared the delay while their data is transferred. With the help of easyshare apk, file sharing on Android devices has become really simple.

Internet connection not necessary

Any type of file can be shared easily over a LAN or Bluetooth connection. To move files or documents from one device to another, you don’t require an internet connection. Furthermore, every file transfer is reliable, safe, and stable.

How to download EasyShare APK?

You can get the easyshare apk app from the Play Store or any other third-party websites. Installing the application on your smartphone comes next after downloading it. Go to Settings on your smartphone and enable all unknown sources before installing EasyShare.

After that, search for the file and when you click on this file, the installation window will open. Press the install button, then wait a short while for your Android device to successfully receive the easy share app download.

Best EasyShare APK alternatives

Files Go

Google’s own Files Go is a fantastic file manager that was created to clear up junk on your Android phone. The software allows you to eliminate all of the hidden and discarded waste, including unused APK files, duplicate files, Good morning messages, etc., at once.

Additionally, Files Go offers a file transfer tool similar to easyshare apk. Same old, same old Files go should be set up on both devices. The sender and receiver roles will be reversed. Once the connection has been approved by both devices, you can send and share documents, apps, and media like photographs and videos. The software is uncomplicated, safe, and clean.

Nearby Share

Sharing files is simple and secure using Google’s Nearby Share. Since Nearby share is part of the Android platform, it is accessible on all Android smartphones and doesn’t require users to download any additional sharing apps in order to utilise it.

Just enable Nearby Share under Settings>>Google>>Device connections (on both phones). Once configured, whenever you press the share button on Android, the Nearby Share option will appear in the direct share menu.


Another excellent iOS to Android file transfer tool is SHAREit. Many people use it frequently to exchange different kinds of data. Simply because of the rapid transfer rate, it has greatly increased in popularity just like easyshare apk.

This application is extremely practical and adaptable because of its exceptional features. The application has a powerful media player where you can organise and take pleasure in your favourite music. It has a 20 Mbps file transmission rate, which is quicker than Bluetooth.


The FileTransfer app makes it simple and quick to transfer data from one device to another. Numerous operating systems, including Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS, are all compatible with it.

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Up to 17 different types of data, including contacts, pictures, messages, apps, music, notes, movies, and more, can be transferred. the files move without erasing original data or resetting devices. It supports over 8000 mobile devices with Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems.


Xender is one of the best apps for transferring huge files. It works with Windows, macOS, Tizen, and mobile devices running iOS and Android. For those who don’t know, Samsung’s wearables and smart TVs use the open-source Tizen operating system, which is based on Linux.

Apps, music files, PDFs, ZIP files, and even entire folders can be sent with Xender. The app enables transfer speeds that are much faster than Bluetooth, similar to easyshare apk.


Fast file-sharing programme Superbeam yet again shares files over WiFi Direct. With options for bright, dark, and AMOLED themes, this is one of the best alternatives of easyshare apk. There are three ways to connect and share files with other devices: by scanning a QR code (a QR code reader is integrated), by using NFC, or by entering a key to receive.

SuperBeam will transfer files via WiFi if both devices are connected to the same WiFi network. However, Superbeam uses WiFi Direct to transfer files if you don’t have a WiFi network. If the connection is broken, file transfer can be restarted.

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