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Why Are Link Building Campaigns Important For Brand Building?

Ever wondered why the top SEO practitioners prioritise link building over anything?

Link building and SEO tactics go hand-in-hand as good quality links are pivotal to your organic ranking and it amplifies brand awareness. Google will consider a page more authoritative, powerful, and contextual which comes with an ample amount of high quality Backlinks.

If you’re still doubting the significance of SEO Link Building, it’s high time you should consider it as your focal point. 

If you already tried your hands in link building campaigns, or are new to this, worry no more! Let’s dive deep into this and understand what link building campaigns actually are and why they are so important in taking your brand to the next level.

What Is Link Building?

Link building is the art and science of accumulating in-bound links to your website from high-quality websites. In SEO terms, these links are called backlinks.  

Links are a metric that Google uses to gauge the authority, relevancy, and popularity of your content. So it is quite evident that to fetch good organic traffic, you have to incorporate link building in your SEO strategy. 

Relevance Of Backlinks

Now you might be thinking what good quality links are? Links redirected from websites with higher domain authority to your website are good-quality links.

A significant amount of backlinks from websites with higher domain authority ensures that prominent websites are recommending your content. And Google considers this to decide the search engine rankings. 

Top SEO Link Building Strategies

The integral part of any link building strategy is knowing whom to target. Once you have decided the websites that you will collaborate with, now you focus on the following strategies: 

1. Guest Posting 

Guest posting, also known as guest blogging, is writing for high-profile websites, and in exchange, you will get a valuable link from them. The reward of a guest posting strategy is driving traffic to your website and enhancing your website’s credibility. But before jumping into guest blogging, please make sure the website that you’re writing for has some authority and significance.  

2. Broken Link Building 

The strategy of fixing broken links is quite relevant even today! Here you scan for industry-recognized blogs with ‘404 broken links. Once you find any of those, you pitch them to replace the link with the one driving to a relevant page on your website. This is how link building strategy works. 

3. Emulating Competitors’ Backlinks

Figuring out the backlinks of competitors is half the job done! You have to perform extensive research to identify the websites where your competitors’ backlink the most. If those websites are relevant to yours, then you can start building a strong backlink profile by replicating them. 

4. Leveraging Images As Link Baits

Visual Content is always helpful in grabbing the attention of the user with its appeal. Repurpose any of your existing content with an infographic. Certainly, you’ll have a higher chance of getting links as people share infographic content more than anything. 

Why Are Link Building Campaigns So Important For Brand Awareness?  

It’s no secret that you have to plan your link building campaigns smartly to get the brand awareness you want. To know the amazing benefits of link building campaigns, continue reading.

1. Boosts Your Ranking

Look, everyone wants to display their websites on the first page of Google’s Search Engine Result Pages, but most people fail to do so! Here comes the importance of strategic link building.

Without any doubt, link building is one of the most important deciding factors of rankings when it comes to search engines like Google. If you search anything on Google, you’ll see a plethora of websites on a number of pages to address your queries. Google only pushes websites higher that contain high-quality backlinks from reputed websites.

It is quite impossible to rank well on search engines without acquiring high-quality backlinks from prominent websites no matter how good your content is.

2. Drives Traffic To The Website 

Apart from enhancing your website ranking, link building campaigns also play a crucial role in driving traffic to your website. A high-quality link from a traffic-driven website can improve your website traffic tremendously. 

If you’re diligent with your link building campaigns, you will realise improvements in your traffic after some time. But often people misunderstood this point! Make sure the links are from credible, traffic-rich websites.

Moreover, if you want relevant niche traffic to your website, you have to link your website to a website that is relevant to yours.

3. Improves Your Brands’ Presence 

Link building campaigns provide a good amount of exposure to your website. Users from different geographic locations get to know you as a brand.

Penetrating to different sets of audiences is a great push for your brand to new heights and helps to establish you as a trusted brand.

4. Continuous Flow Of Referral Traffic 

Link building campaigns generate a steady flow of traffic to your website once you link to high-value websites. These users land on your website without searching for you in search engines.

Driving this sort of traffic sends an indication to google, given the website is having high domain authority.

5. Widen Up Sales Opportunity

The amazing fact with link building campaigns is that they can convert your readers into your prospects. You can pitch the referral traffic to subscribe to your emails. With the help of a well-crafted email marketing campaign, you can build trust, sell your product, and amplify your revenue eventually.

Apart from email marketing campaigns, you can apply any other conversion mechanics that can serve the same purpose.

Ready To Take Action? 

Being in the business for the past several years, we can assure you that link building campaigns are not dead! 

It is a process-driven mechanism that requires time and effort.

To reap the benefits of link building campaigns you have to follow the strategies diligently. So embark on link building campaigns to establish yourself as an industry-recognized brand.

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