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Srirangapatna Pitra Dosh Pooja Cost, Vidhi & Benefits?

Performing Pitra Pooja and Pitra Paksha Shradha at Srirangapatna may be very useful for bringing peace to one’s ancestors. You can perform the pitra puja offline or online (Pitra Dosh Puja Cost).

At Srirangapatna, the sole aim of the pitra pooja is to placate the pitras (ancestors) and win their blessings for ourselves, our kids, and our grandkids. At Srirangapatna’s yagya shala, the Pitra pooja was conducted. The Shastra research indicates that if one member of the family commits this sin, it can have an impact on the other family members as well.

Each member of the family must be present at the pitra puja to get blessings from God and the pitras. There is only one pitra puja conducted in a lifetime. To lift the spirits of those who had died suddenly, the pitra pooja was performed.

The goal of Srirangapatna’s Pitra Pooja

The Pitra Pooja at Srirangapatna is a very significant ritual that the family members of a person who has passed away suddenly and without warning must do. Srirangapatna is a renowned theertha kshetra located on the Kaveri river in the Mandya region of Karnataka.

The ruler of Srirangapatna, Sri Ranganatha Swamy, who is the subject of countless devotional songs, is highly revered by the locals. The pitras Shanti rituals Narayan Bali, TriPindi Shradh, Pind Daan, and Varshika Shraddha are well-known at Srirangapatna’s tirtha kshetra.

On the Kaveri River, these pitra poojas for the deceased are conducted. One of the first locations where inexpensive pitra poojas were done was Adi Ranga, popularly known as Srirangapatna. Madhyaranga and Srirangam are the other two locations.

Pitra Dosh’s effects

  • Pitra dosh will have an impact on the relationship between a father and son.
  • A father and son often fight with each other.
  • challenges in marriage
  • Obstetrical worries and issues
  • both mental illness and depression.
  • an economy that is failing
  • financial difficulties
  • Regarding the family of my in-laws
  • scholarly and professional concerns
  • Partners fighting about the future of the company.
  • health problems
  • The nose, teeth, and thumb hurt.
  • Couples’ relationships are not harmonious.

Price of Pitra Dosh Pooja in Srirangapatna

The cost of the Pitra Dosha (Pitru) Pooja is determined by the number of pandits and the length of the puja. The performer must bring two sets of clothing and put on a brand-new set of dhoti-kurtas in order to execute the pitra puja. After the puja, the performer is expected to take a bath.

  • The ideal times to do Pitra Dosh Pooja are as follows:
  • the Pitra Paksha, a 15-day lunar cycle
  • The lucky day is Mahalaxmi Amavasya.
  • Amavasya
  • sunlight eclipse
  • seeking Krishna
  • Amavasya is on Sunday.

The Hindu family only performs this puja for three days, per the pandit’s recommendation. People from all socioeconomic backgrounds can participate in Pitru Dosh Pooja with the assistance of a pandit. The cost of the harm is an additional factor because some pandits arrange for the harm on their client’s behalf.

A pitra pooja can set you back 5,500 Indian rupees. Depending on the amount of pandits, 99Pandit offers a wide range of categories.

Vidhi and Pitra Pooja procedures

Here is a list of the Kalasha, Phala, and Ajay Danes for the Yama Raja Pooja and Homa. A ceremony known as pitra-pooja Homam bestows pitra-moksha and is extremely powerful in Srirangapatna.

  • The Pitra Pooja lasts three days.
  • The person must show up on the day of the muhurat no later than 6 a.m., if not earlier.
  • On the last day, the puja would be done around midday.
  • Tradition dictates that the performer wait until the pitra puja is over before departing Trimbak.
  • On the days of the pitra puja, the performer and their family should avoid eating anything that contains onions or garlic.

Pitra Pooja’s Beneficial Effects in Srirangapatna

If you’re in Srirangapatna, you can use 99Pandit to book a pandit online to do a pitra pooja or pitra paksha shraddha. Every pandit is a skilled professional with a degree from a Vedic college.

  • We’ll go through the advantages of performing pitra pooja to lessen the negative effects and other side effects of pitra dosh.
  • Families may get rid of Pitra dosha with the help of Pitra pooja and Pitra dosha therapies.
  • Pitra pooja offers alleviation from suffering and from the challenges of life.
  • Additionally, Pitra pooja aids in treating issues with marriage and childbearing linked to Pitra dosha.
  • If a person engages in beautiful deeds for the prosperity and tranquilly of their ancestors, as per the pitra pooja of a family, they will undoubtedly receive several blessings from their ancestors.

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