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Reasons Leading To Eviction in Baton Rouge

Eviction Baton Rouge

Paying rent, finding a place to live, and making property payments are difficult tasks in Baton Rouge. One mistake can lead to the nightmare of an eviction. Losing a job, not being able to make a payment, or not finding another place are some of the reasons someone may end up without a home.

We’ve put together this list of common reasons leading to Eviction in Baton Rouge so that you’re prepared when it comes time for your payments. We’ll also help provide you with tips on how to avoid these unfortunate mishaps in the future.

List of Reasons To Get Eviction in Baton Rouge

1. Wrongful Eviction

In most cases where someone is being evicted for non-payment of rent, the landlord will try to contact the individual before filing a lawsuit. Sometimes, however, this isn’t done after rent has been paid. In these situations, the landlord may try to get rid of an offender without paying back rent or getting proper compensation first.

2. Deceptive Practices

For those who have found their way into an unfortunate situation where they can’t pay their rent and need to leave, it’s not just the landlord who may be trying to get rid of them. A company may be hired by the landlord or a third party and responsible for doing the dirty work. These companies will look for any reason to file a lawsuit against an individual. That is often done through fraudulent practices and misrepresentations of expectations upon arrival.

3. Unrecorded Eviction

Not all evictions are legally recorded. Eviction in Baton Rouge, where there has been no proper paperwork filed with the court, is not only difficult to prove but also illegal under federal law. Not filing an eviction correctly can cause various problems for the individual who needs to leave their residence. For example, a landlord may refuse to give access to personal belongings after a police report is filed against the individual who is being evicted. Another issue may be receiving mail from anyone other than the apartment’s resident.

4. Failure to Pay Court-Ordered Judgments

If someone is found guilty in civil court, they may be required to pay court costs, attorney’s fees, and back rent due on an apartment. The individual may risk going to jail or being evicted if this isn’t accomplished. To avoid this situation, speak with your landlord early on if you have a financial burden.

5. Lease Violation

Some cities, including Baton Rouge, have time limits on the lease. If someone stays in the apartment past these time limits, they may be evicted. For example, if an individual is renting an apartment, their lease term expires on September 30th, and they’re not moving out by that date, they could be at risk of eviction. Failure to move will often lead to a lawsuit against the tenant.


Eviction in Baton Rouge can be a terrible thing to experience. To avoid the risks of these situations, talk to your landlord as early as possible about your financial situation to come to a suitable deal for both parties.



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