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Required Criteria To Enter Grade 11 In The New Curriculum

Class 11th and 12th are the most crucial levels of school education. This is because you choose the subjects you wish to proceed with as a career option, and your college or university learning also depends on it. Hence, choosing the subjects and finding the best school for grade 11 admission in Dubai is crucial. 


You will find multiple options for a high school in Dubai, offering subject combinations or curriculum you want for your child. You would have to consider various factors to narrow these options and choose the school that would be apt, depending on your future endeavours. It is vital to seek suggestions from parents or students who have passed this school phase and can give you an opinion based on personal experiences. 


Some of the other factors you can consider are listed below.


 Factors to consider while choosing the best school

  • Ensure it follows the curriculum plan with the subject combinations your child wants to learn. 
  • Please verify that the teaching practices followed by the school are supportive of the child’s growth and that the focus always remains on building essential life skills. 
  • Check the school’s reputation by verifying its rating on the authority websites and reading the reviews left by other parents. 


Considering all these things, you can choose the high school in Dubai where you want to enrol your child. Once you have decided where to enrol your child, the next step would be to learn about their eligibility criteria and see if your child qualifies for it.


Required Eligibility Criteria for Grade 11 Admission in Dubai


Age Criteria

The most basic requirement is the age of the child. Schools prefer taking admission for children who have attained 16 years of age. So, if your child is of the right age, they are eligible to get admission to the 11th grade. However, even if there is a gap in education and the child is a little older, you can call the school authorities, explain the situation and see if admission is possible.


Educational Background

There are specific subject options that the children have to choose from during this phase, and for that, they should come from the relevant background. So, for example, if you want to study humanities in 11th grade, you should have learned the subject by 10th! Similarly, the other combinations are only available if you have read the same course in the preceding standards. 


Basic Requirements

Moving ahead, there are some basic requirements that every school has during the admission process. For example, you would need passport-size photos, previous educational certificates, medical records, and likewise. These requirements would vary from school to school, so it is vital to get the information from the school website and keep all these things ready while you begin the admission process. 


For International Students

If you are an expat going for grade 11 admission in Dubai, you would need some additional documents. The school authorities would ask for the passport information, your local proofs, and the attested copies of the transfer certificates. Check with the school about things they would need from you as an international student and keep them handy to get a smoother and more convenient admission process.



These are the fundamental eligibility criteria every child should qualify for admission in grade 11 with a new curriculum plan. Understand that failing to meet any one of these requirements would mean failing to get enrolled in the school of your choice. So, start by selecting the best-suited school, learn about their eligibility requirements, and if your child meets these standards, you can go ahead with the final enrolment. 


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