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SEO And PPC – The Hybrid Model Every Business Must Try

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising) are two approaches to generating leads and driving more sales. Both of these approaches have their own pros and cons. Businesses may have a tough time in choosing the right one that will fit within their expectations and budget. Talking of SEO Vs. PPC, none of them are the ultimate route holding the ultimate advantages to your business. Therefore, the choice must depend on your business goals and situation besides other factors too. Here let us discuss a hybrid model that combines the best of both the worlds for the best results.

SEO as a lead generation technique
Though harder to acquire, organic traffic can give stable results over time. Therefore, SEO is highly preferred by businesses. When you wish to sell a site with the basics of SEO implemented, you are suggesting the buyers that the hard work is done and they just need to maintain it and scale it for their benefit.

On the other hand, if the given site is reliant only on PPC, there is a big task to manage. It is necessary to refresh and optimize the ads from time to time. In case the ads break, the business can bust at once. SEO is therefore highly resorted to by website filliping businesses.

The right approach
To get the best of both the worlds, experts recommend combining SEO and PPC. In fact, both these strategies can complement each other in making them more effective. If both the channels are made to work well, you have fantastic results both in the immediate future and remote future. How to use them in tandem is the next question which we will answer below.

Promote your content with PPC
Content creation takes a lot of time. If no one will see it, it is a mere waste. Running ads is a sure way to distribute it to as many interested people as possible. Ads can also be run of Facebook, Twitter and Quora.

Strategy like retargeting can give effective results
Retargeting lets you target those visitors who have left your website for some reasons. This will create an opportunity to persuade a visitor to come back and make a purchase. For instance, let us consider a visitor discovers an article about coffee while Googling. The page will set a cookie on their web browser which will in turn allow the coffee maker’s website to retarget them by showing them relevant ads.

If the visitor leaves the page, they will be shown the ad while surfing around the web one again so that they can revisit the website. Depending on the stage where they are in their buying process, they might be promoted to check out a discount option or a free offer or try a trial product. It can also about purchasing a product outright.

One more strategy you must consider is to pursue the keywords your competitors are bidding on in Google ads. After sourcing some lucrative keywords, you can use them through SEO or PPC.

Take away
Contract a reliable SEO company India to give momentum to your SEO mission. With the right kind of resources, strategies and talents, they can give a definite shape to your campaign and drive the best results you can expect.

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