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Snackpass: Topping Online Food Ordering with a Delectable Social Layer

Grabbing your favorite meal from a takeaway and catching up with your friends was the most sought-after activity during the pandemic. On-demand food delivery applications like Snackpass have resolved the last-mile logistics challenge around delivery. Snackpass is a food ordering app that focuses on takeout instead of delivery. Customers place their orders on mobile and can pick them up from restaurants. This social food ordering app platform allows unlocking and sharing discounts with friends and social circles. They can collect points and send gifts. They provide online ordering, self-service kiosks, marketing services, digital menus, and a customer referral program. One can see what other person is ordering and can share points to make their purchase easy. This differs from other regular on-demand food delivery platforms. They are pumped to be featured amongst the top 27 most promising consumer startups of 2022 by BusinessInsider.

Monetization & Business Model: How does Snackpass earn money?

Snackpass has raised a total of $95.6 million in 5 rounds of funding. It is funded by 38 funders and has now acquired Sleek. Every order on Snackpass stands a chance to earn reward points for free and discounted food. When the customers are incentivized, it has a viral effect and they intend to shop more. This social transparency has made Snackpass viral. It drives tangible value by driving repeat business by retargeting consumers. Aggregated Snackpass user base access inbuilt loyalty features, which makes them frequently buy more. Snackpass works on a reduced labor cost, predictable bulk pre-orders, increased throughput, and digital fellowship for their local brands.

Is their startup idea valid?

Snackpass idea was tested as a quickly built site to validate consumers would use it. As their customer base grew and restaurants struggled to keep up with orders, they pitched in to serve customers.

How can Snackpass help your restaurant?

Snackpass emerged to target college-goers. It allows users to order food ahead of time, avoid long queues and grab their food from the counter. Snackpass app decreases customer wait times by 80%. It is being used by more than 1000 brands, including Joe’s Pizza, Popeyes, and Pokeworks.

How does Snackpass work?

Snackpass serves restaurants, merchants, and end consumers and is positioned to lead a new wave of innovation in one of the largest and most dynamic industries i.e. food. Snackpass offers a list of nearby/local restaurants to their customers with special deals, offers, and discount coupons. The app contains a menu with orders, checkouts, counts of people who have placed the order, reward points, loyalty points, a list of restaurants, if you can grab a free coffee with your order, and much more. Users can then spend their reward points to get free menu items, and send virtual Snackpass gift cards to any phone contacts or people they find via search.

Why is Snackpass successful?

The way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach. Snackpass banked upon this concept. Its concept satiates the hunger pangs of the new generation, and enables them to do what they actually love – that is using their mobile phone. Grabbing that burger or pizza had been never so easy. It makes them order from local restaurants without menu markups or added fees.

Why is takeout a good marketing option?

Takeout is important because its market is very large but fragmented. It is adopted by sole proprietors and small businesses. As consumers increasingly expect to order ahead for their food, it drives meaningful sales to restaurants of all types. 59% of all orders from Millenials are ordered for takeout for the average restaurant.

How is Snackpass different from DoorDash?

Unlike other third-party food aggregators like Uber Eats and DoorDash, Snackpass’ service focuses on picking up food from the restaurant counter and preventing restaurant queues.

Does Snackpass charge extra?

Snackpass does charge in accordance with their Order Form and as otherwise applicable in Snackpass’s sole discretion (“Fees”).

Snackpass Alternatives

  • Cayena: It provides a B2B marketplace offering technology to food procurement.
  • Hungry Panda: A B2C platform that offers customized food and beverages. It is accessible via web, desktop, and mobile applications.
  • MUY: A food technology company.
  • Repeat App: It offers a loyalty platform for restaurants.

Snackpass App Features

Snackpass infuses life into the offline restaurant business, by creating an online website for the business. The app navigates easily, payments are secure, menu – prices – lists update automatically. At its core, Snackpass is a mobile platform for pre-orders and takeout at local restaurants.  Snackpass co-founder, Tan thinks that there was a risk that local restaurants will get tired of acquiring apps that rip them off their profit margins. That’s the reason Snackpass built features that let restaurants batch orders at a certain time so that dine-in patients and non-app users are not stuck with unreasonable delays. The basic features of the app according to top mobile application developers should be:

  • Order Management
  • Routing
  • Online Ordering
  • For Restaurants
  • Menu Management
  • Sales Trend Analysis
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Loyalty Program

Snackpass Technology Stack

Snackpass app uses a total of 6 front-end technologies including Google Fonts, Google Analytics, and HTML 5. This application is deployable on Viewport Meta, iPhone, Android, SPF, etc.

Does the future look delicious for this social food-ordering app?

What if Snackpass owners wish to expand beyond college borders? What will happen when college students graduate? They won’t be able to retain them. Although they will have a bunch of new comrades! How should they employ the brightest people while maintaining a fun culture? How to decide which market to focus on?

Every marketplace has different stories, and different perspectives to be in business. On the other way around, it is not easy for them to thrive in changing market conditions, technology, and retaining customers.

Snackpass makes use of reward programs to bring new customers to restaurants during peak rush hours. This practice offers analytics to restaurants to retain their customers.

Snackpass app partnered with local businesses to support them during the lockdown. Restaurants always try to find services to attract more foot traffic to their location. Snackpass is not a delivery service, so customers have to come to the food outlet. The social feature of the app makes it even more interesting. Snackpass expedites food ordering, giving customers the convenience of less price, and more food options.

People bond over food and drinks. Snackpass gives them the opportunity to connect, flirt, spend some nice moments, show kindness, express gratitude, and save bucks on the way!

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