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Things Kids Learn In Singapore nursery school

Nursery schools build the foundation of kids’ education with multiple developing processes. This time parents stay delighted as their kids are in their first year of school. 

The nursery curriculum mainly focuses on building up the vocabulary part and mastering the recognition of different sounds. Singapore nursery school offer the best way to give your child national-level elementary education. 


Things Kids Begin To Develop in Nursery Schools


Read and Write

In nursery international school, kids start to grow and develop their reading and writing skills. They begin to recognize the 26 letters in the alphabet book and write them on paper along with the upper and lower case.


In this process, they become familiar with the distinctive sounds of letter pronunciation. Even they learn to utter 30 essential words with sight words, like; in, on, the, and, at, etc.


  • Singapore nursery schools ask parents to bring their kids into a constant growing process through reading, writing, and listening. Parents should provide age-wise books so kids can relate and establish closeness to new things. Not only that, but kids can also build their focus, reading ability, concentration, and vocabulary.
  • These institutions ask parents to bring colourful graphics books where children start to recognize characters from cartoon figures.
  • Also, parents can make kids’ learning process funny and exciting by giving them powder colours, markers, crayons, pencils, and paper to sketch and write letters, sometimes simple sentences. Automatically kids develop interests in writing and reading out.
  • Additionally, parents teach their wards to distinguish between uppercase and lowercase.
  • Nursery schools provide alphabet puzzles to their students to identify the letters.


2. Numbers and Counting


Singapore nursery school teaches their kids to count from 1 to 30. In addition, they learn lessons about adding and subtracting by small numbers. 

  • These schools provide kids to solve puzzles where kids need to rearrange the numbers in ascending or descending order.
  • Also, these private schools teach kids to count items in their rooms. 


3. Shapes

Lessons on shapes will educate your child about basic geometrical concepts, like; circles, rectangular, squares, triangles, and other shapes. They learn to start to distinguish things based on colours, shapes, and sizes.

  • A Nursery international school follows this process through some questioning, like identifying the shape and colour, differentiating one form from another, and drawing that shape on the paper.
  • Also, they help kids sort things in shape and colours.


4. Time and Seasons

Kids need help understanding the value of time, as this is the only thing that keeps varying. So, Singapore nursery schools help their students grow with time and gradually understand the concept of time. 

  • Time and seasons process teaches kids to read the clock multiple times during their activities in their home. So, they start to understand the different timing shades of a whole day.
  • The process teaches them to follow a daily timetable that directs them to do their daily stuff according to mentioned times. Therefore, they begin to understand the importance of time and discipline.
  • Also, this time & season process helps them to know about four distinct seasons. Additionally, it makes them understand what clothing people needed to wear in these four periods.


Singapore nursery schools are the best to establish fundamental education concepts in every kid’s first year of learning. They teach kids to move forward with confidence, discipline, and a clear idea of letters and words. Also, they make the processes fun-fueled, so children don’t feel stressed.


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