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Top Things To Consider Before Buying Prefab Garages

Why not think about a prefabricated or modular garage? There are numerous practical benefits to adding a prefabricated garage to your home. Do you need space for your lawnmower, boat, car, or all three? All of those requirements could be met by prefab garages! Don’t stop there, though; a prefabricated garage can help with a lot more issues. The options are endless; whether you’re looking for extra room to help organize and declutter your ho33333me or want to build your ideal woodworking shop, a prefab garage might be an incredibly effective solution.

What are prefab garages?

A detached garage that has been built offsite by the builder and is quickly installed as a finished unit is known as a prefab garage. Although prefab garages are occasionally referred to as “portable” or “modular” garages, please be aware that all of these terms refer to the same idea. The installation should only take a few hours as long as the site preparations have already been finished!

Here are a few expert recommendations to aid you in choosing the type of garage that is best for you before making your choice.

Key considerations before buying prefab garages


  • The overall cost of installation

Prefabricated garages cost considerably less than conventional garages. If you’ve ever compared the price of a traditional “stick-built” garage with a prefab garage, you’ll quickly realize that the prebuilt option requires a much lower investment. Prefab garage builders are able to construct them more quickly and with significantly less material waste because they work out of specialized warehouses where they have access to all the necessary tools and materials. On the other hand, constructing a conventional garage will take a lot of time, travel, and material transportation. 

  • Ease of site preparation

Another factor contributing to the lower cost of a portable garage is how easy it is to prepare the location. The majority of prefabricated garages are installed on basic stone foundations, much like a traditional shed installation. A concrete foundation is almost always necessary for a stick-built garage, which drives up the price of construction. A driven and diligent homeowner may even decide to handle all site preparation themselves for a prefab garage! Naturally, you should always check your municipality’s or township’s policies on any local ordinances or permits that may have an impact on your garage project before beginning any shed project.

  • Build quality of prefab garage

It is crucial that you pick a prefab garage builder with high standards for construction quality. While it may be tempting to choose the least expensive option, if you want to maximize the lifetime value of your garage, you should make sure that it is constructed well. Here at NE Outdoor, we emphasize the use of premium pressure-treated 4×4 skids and pressure-treated floor joists spaced at 12″ on center in the construction of our garages. This will give your prefab garage a much longer lifespan and give you the assurance to store many thousand pounds of your heaviest equipment or items there.

  • Return on investment

Given the enormous amount of usability it offers, adding a prefab garage will be a tremendous asset, similar to many home improvement projects. In general, the ROI on any type of garage will be in the range of 60 to 80% of the initial setup cost (this range is true of many home improvement projects) This does not imply that it is a poor investment overall; rather, it just illustrates the need to keep costs as low as you can without compromising quality.

  • Ease of installation

A significantly shorter wait period compared to a traditional garage is one potential advantage of buying a prefabricated garage. A “stick-built” garage’s lead times are frequently given in months, whereas a prefab garage can be installed and ready for use in a matter of weeks. You might be able to have a functional garage in less than two weeks if your builder has a prefab garage in stock that you like.


We hope that these suggestions will be useful to you as you think about making this crucial purchase. No one wants to waste money on a purchase as significant as a new garage, so at NE Outdoor, we value both your time and your money. Contact us right away! If you have any queries or worries about your garage project, we would love to talk to you about them!

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