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Top 5 Popular High School Free Textbooks to Order Now

A worthy textbook is engaging and has innovative strategies, and methodologies to draw upon today’s unprecedented technological resources to transform the educational experience of the students.

If you are still fond of the idea of carrying textbooks and the feel and texture of paper beneath your fingers sounds legit then we might have the right way out for you. For those who still think reading through a textbook still is the best way to grow and learn, then SolutionInn has the right solution for you. 

SolutionInn is not only offering high school free textbooks but is also delivering them free of cost. High school requires a bunch of textbooks for various subjects and getting a little help might be what you are looking for. Here we go! 

Operations Management, 2nd Edition

By Gerard Cachon, Christian Terwiesch

For college students taking an introductory operations management course, Cachon Operations Management 2e was created.Operations Management by Cachon covers all of the pertinent topics in-depth, is understandable to a typical undergraduate student (i.e., has limited real-world business experience), incorporates the most recent research and knowledge, and offers comprehensive pedagogical support for instructors as well as cutting-edge learning support for students. In order to make class time more interesting and productive, Connect is the first integrated learning system that empowers students by continually changing to offer exactly what they need, when they need it, and how they need it.

McDougal Littell Geometry, Michigan Edition

by Mcdougal Littell

Students get a solid mathematical foundation through comprehensive coursework and a variety of real-world applications. Students learn about the theory and use of formal and informal reasoning in geometry, as well as about synthetic, coordinate, and transformational methods in this title.

The series incorporates practical applications and advice on how to utilize technology in the right way.

Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2015 7th Edition

By Diane Zak

The fascinating real-world environment of this book helps readers understand the fundamentals of effective programming as they experiment with the newest features of Visual Basic 2015 using a plethora of hands-on apps. A dynamic visual design, detailed explanations, and well-placed activity boxes make Diane Zak’s best-selling book PROGRAMMING WITH MICROSOFT VISUAL BASIC 2015, 7E an excellent introduction to programming. You may learn how to efficiently design and construct interactive Visual Basic 2015 apps with the aid of new practical applications, relevant examples, and hands-on exercises.

Molecular Biology Of The Cell

by Bruce Alberts Alexander D. Johnson Julian Lewis David Morgan Martin Raff Keith Roberts Peter Walter

Molecular Biology of the Cell, Sixth Edition achieves this objective with lucid text and lovely pictures, much as earlier versions. The Sixth Edition offers an extraordinary foundation for instruction and learning since it has undergone substantial revision and updating to reflect the most recent findings in the field of cell biology. The illustration software as a whole has been considerably improved. Protein structures more effectively depict the links between structure and function. Icons inside and between chapters have been simplified and updated with sharper graphics, and micrographs have also been renewed.

Each chapter now includes engaging, open-ended questions that emphasize “What We Don’t Know,” exposing students to difficult topics for further study. New research that is covered in the book is reflected in updated end-of-chapter problems.

Management Accounting, 4th Edition

By Leslie G. Eldenburg, Albie Brooks, Judy Oliver, Gillian Vesty, Rodney Dormer, Vijaya Murthy, Nick Pawsey

The fourth edition of Management Accounting by Eldenburg mixes more contemporary and emerging themes and concerns with the fundamental technical issues related to cost management, management accounting, and control. This work was created to cover the material generally taught in the two management accounting units given in the majority of accounting programs. Management Accounting is a required component of the accounting major.

A variety of instructional media assets is included in the Management Accounting interactive e-text to provide students with a fun learning experience. Case videos, interactive issues, and inquiries with prompt answers are all included. Eldenburg’s distinctive resource can also serve as the cornerstone of a blended learning program for professors.


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