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Top 8 Software That Can Help to Proofread Your PhD Dissertation

Proofread Your PhD Dissertation

Have you had to write a dissertation? Then you must know that it takes months of researching, writing, and revising to create a dissertation. Sure, you feel an incredible relief typing the last word in your dissertation. But the work is not complete till you proofread your PhD dissertation. In fact, this is the second most challenging part of writing a PhD dissertation. Besides, your dissertation goes through various rounds of proofreading before it is okay for submission.

Why is it important to proofread your PhD dissertation?

If you want error-free work in your dissertation, proofreading is the way. When you proofread your PhD dissertation, the clarity index naturally increases. Moreover, it improves the dissertation’s spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting. And it also helps double-check your word choice. In fact, it also helps you remove all typographical errors from your work. Additionally, it helps keep the consistency of capitalisation throughout your text. Plus, it helps you check and pick the right abbreviations. It is crucial because any error in the dissertation can destroy its credibility.

You can ensure that all your time spent writing the dissertation is not marred if you proofread your PhD dissertation. Checking sentence structure and writing flow are also included in the proofreading part. In fact, it helps you remove all the mistakes that would have been otherwise catchable to your professors.

Can software help proofread your PhD dissertation?

Sure can! Although getting a fresh pair of eyes to proofread your PhD dissertation is best, you can utilise the software. In fact, using software for proofreading is the most highly approved method these days. Sure, you might respect the opinions and views of your friends regarding proofreading, but the software is efficient and effective. It can catch onto even the most minor of mistakes. Plus, it is quick and helpful. The following is an 8-software list for you if you need help proofreading your PhD Dissertation:


You must already be aware of this software thanks to those never-ending and unskippable YouTube ads. It is one of the most excellent proofreading and editing software. In fact, if you want to proofread your PhD dissertation, this software can be your best pick. Why? For starters, it works well across all platforms.

Moreover, it enables reviewing, accepting, and rejecting mistakes at a click in real time. It is quick and easy to use. Furthermore, it provides insightful proofreading reports. Lastly, it works well on all devices – any make and model.


This one is more of a second-in-line successor to Grammarly. Much like Grammarly, it works on many devices and across multiple platforms. So, is it better? What’s the difference between this one and Grammarly? ProWritingAid is more affordable than Grammarly. It has more reasonable pricing and a setup plan. So, it is the best go-to software for students short on budget.

Moreover, the cheap pricing has no corners cut on quality. It can proofread your PhD dissertation excellently and thoroughly. Besides, it easily runs checks over long-form documents. So, you need not be worried about anything if you use this software.

Affordable Dissertation UK

If you want something more effective and reliable than Grammarly and ProWritingAid, you can visit Affordable Dissertation UK. It is an online website that provides academic writing support to students. Plus, the services go beyond simple proofreading to formatting, editing, and writing as well. The starting price for its dissertation proofreading service is around £12.95 per page – more affordable than any software. Plus, they have specialists in-field to proofread your PhD dissertation and one-up the quality. Besides, they have the best software in use for providing excellent outcomes.


Quillbot has about over 50 million users worldwide. Sure, it does not compete with Grammarly, but it has its uses. Besides, it can pick up on spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and other issues perfectly. Plus, it has a citation generator that formats any link, document, or reference based on a user’s preferred style and generates the correct citation. In fact, it has even more tools you can use beyond proofreading. If you want to proofread your PhD dissertation, you can rely on it. After all, it is quick and easy to use.

Ginger Software

Have you ever heard of Ginger Software? It was a fair competitor to Grammarly. In fact, it gave Grammarly tough and rough competition in terms of functionality, accuracy, price, and ease of use. But it often lags, and that can hinder the work if you set to proofread your PhD dissertation with it. Besides, it also lacks many additional functions that Grammarly developed over time. Come to think of it, it is more of a basic grammar and spell check these days. Still, it’s a cheap choice. Plus, it supports around 60 languages. So, that’s something quite a reach.


Whitesmoke was all the rage back in the day. It has amazing features. Plus, it has high accuracy. A lack of development is why it is of limited use now. Still, it is so much better than a free, basic grammar checker if you need a reliable tool to proofread your PhD dissertation. Plus, the pricing for Whitesmoke is budget-friendly. Moreover, it supports around 55 languages. And it works with almost all browsers and operating systems.


ProofHQ is excellent for people who rely more on themselves than on software. How can this be so? Well, it only spots the errors. So, if it spots an error, you have to fix that error yourself. Furthermore, this helps aid learning and knowledge. Just upload your document to ProofHQ, and get the proofreading results.

Moreover, it has an ideal use where collaboration is involved. In fact, it was built for collaboration – the core mission! It is easy to use and quick as well. Plus, it has high accuracy in proofreading, just like Grammarly.


Ziflow is the most affordable choice if you need software to proofread your PhD dissertation. Plus, it works just like ProofHQ. Plus, it also enables the user to compare changes between two documents. It has almost all the features you might need. In addition, it is a good choice for collaborative work as well. The only downside to using it is that it often lags.


Selecting the right software to proofread your PhD dissertation depends on you. The software is effective and has high accuracy. So, if you want a quick and easy fix for proofreading, you must get one. Though a wide range of software is available, you must focus on features and functions before selecting one. After all, every software is unique in its own way.

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