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Top Electrical Technology Trends You Can’t Overlook

Technology is continuously revolutionizing the electrical industry. Industry experts and electrical engineers are bombarding the industry with several innovative solutions to redefine how energy is consumed. Smart electrical products and home automation systems have become mainline products. Here are a few trending topics in the electrical technology you can’t overlook.

Monitors to track electricity usage
Known as electricity meter usage monitors, these devices track your energy usage and help in cutting down energy bills. This device helps you identify the appliances that consume more energy. You can attach a usage monitor to the electric panel you will find in the panel box and get the energy usage data of your home transmitted to your phone. In sensing energy hogs in properties and detecting power outages, usage monitors are doing a great job.

Smart and recessed lighting
Recessed ceiling lights are a great idea to achieve a modern look in your home. These lights can be activated in different ways like an app or clapping your hands or voice. You can change the lighting to suit different indoor atmospheres and moods. You can also shift them through different colors and shades. You can set the lighting to pulsate to the gaming sounds or music beats. If you want to create a specific ambience, you can blend multiple lights into complex scenes.

Surge Protectors
With the increase of electrical appliances in your home, it is highly necessary to secure them with a surge protector. This is a small device that lets you plug multiple components into a single power outlet. This is a great way to protect your electronics like T|Vs and computers from high voltage power surge. Smart surge protectors can help in saving the energy consumption of your home.

Electric Car Chargers
Electric car chargers, also known as charging stations can be described as electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). Most electric vehicles often feature their own built-in charging equipment. Therefore, you can use your home electricity to power your vehicle. It is advisable that you buy a level 2 charging cord that can plug into a 240-volt power supply. This can fasten the charging process. It is always best to go for charging device that offers the most amperage.

Smart Ceiling Fans
It is now possible to connect your smart ceiling fans to thermostat and program it in such a way to turn on and off in order to enhance the effectiveness of your home heating and cooling system. A few smart ceiling fans come with reversible motors that will allow bidirectional movements of blades and smart lights.

Smart ceiling fans can be operated via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It is possible to remotely program and control your fans to operate them within a given schedule or setting using your iOS or android device even when you are away from your home.

The Internet of Things
The modern appliances of our times like stoves, washing machines, refrigerators and dryers come with in-built computers to send and receive data to and from your mobile devices. This technology is known as Internet of Things or IoT. Developments in technology enable the electrical industry shift its focus towards environmental friendly and energy efficient products. Consulting commercial electrical contractors Sydney will help you make the right choices with regard to new electrical technology trends.

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