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Top Reasons People Seek A Life Coach & What Makes A Good One

What is a Life Coach

Finding a life coach is perhaps a simple step that transforms many of your outcomes in life. Before going forth to finding one, however, you should ask What is a Life Coach and “What Makes a Good One?”

What Is A Life Coach?

A skilled life coach offers a variety of resources from which to draw. As you experience various phases in life, you may work with a life coach for diverse functions and needs. You may additionally hire a life coach for an entirely different reason than someone else, would use one.

Here are certain premises that a life coach can mean different things to different people. Check out these few reasons why people differ in their reasons for finding a life coach:


You Want Help With Motivation

If you are looking for a life coach to be a cheerleader, who is with you to prod you through life’s difficulties; give you accountability; and help you stay motivated. Then that’s your answer to what a coach means to you – an encourager and backer.


Do you Want Guidance and/or Direction?

If you’re already a motivated person, but deficient in direction for that motivation. Then looking for a life coach can mean, leveraging a coach’s objective and intuitive view of you; to draw out answers that were hidden, when you were trudging alone.


You Want To Leverage Synergy of 2 Minds

If you’re already motivated and have a direction too. However, you seriously need an occasional ‘strategy’ session with a person, who can arouse synergistic results in brainstorming. Then that’s your answer to what is a life coach according to you.

One of the advantages of having a life coach is, the ability for you to have an objective view of yourself; that sets your mind on a new path and generates new ideas.


What Makes A Good Life Coach?

Having the skill to intuitively hear and fully understand you as a client is a key, to be a good life coach. Although that may seem to be common sense, the proficiency to tune into another individual; and listen to exactly what he/she is saying is a skill, that comes either as a gift or from cultivating it as a skill.

When looking for a life coach, sit back, and become very still and quiet. Then ask this question, “Do I feel like this person is listening directly to me, or is he/she listening to certain agenda, going on in his/her own head?”

You should do this before contacting the coach just by taking a moment to ask yourself this simple question.


The Conclusion

By and large, listening to yourself and asking – “What actually do I want from a life coach?” gives you the ability, to define what a life coach means to you. Looking for a life coach can be a fun and simple process when you listen to your inner wisdom. Then, ask yourself some quick questions pertaining to being heard, understood, and assisted in practical matters; for instance, taking action to turn your dreams into reality.

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