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UK Brands- Need a Solid Digital Presence? Your Search Stops Here!

Digital Marketing Agency in UK

The term – digital marketing has become such a common term that it almost feels like anyone can do it. However, once businesses practically try to gain engagement on social media and rank high on Google, they realise it LOOKS like digital marketing is easy, but it’s not. Many digital marketing agencies claim to know the science well, but you have to identify the most reliable digital marketing agency in the UK with a proven track record of enabling businesses to achieve a solid digital presence across major social networking websites, search engines and video sharing sites.

What problems does a digital marketing agency in the UK attempt to address?

There is no shortage of digital marketing agencies in the UK, but you know it is reliable when they don’t see you – the potential buyer – as just a number or a metric but as a human being with a business objective to fulfil.

The Problem of the Lack of KPIs

What does success mean in digital marketing? Does it mean more traffic? Does it mean online clout? Does it mean engagement? Does it mean more sales? Different digital marketers will give you different answers. This is a big problem in the world of digital marketing. There are no standardised KPIs that you can measure the performance of a digital marketing agency. This leads to vague performance monitoring and poor ROI.

The Confusion between Marketing and Sales

A lot of digital marketers confuse marketing with sales. There is a lack of a funnel in their marketing strategy. The time-tested 3-step process of making a prospective buyer climb down from the awareness stage to the consideration stage and ultimately to the conversion stage must not be forgotten. Jumping the steps in the marketing funnel only to focus on sales won’t work in the long term.

The Problem of Seeing Customers as Numbers

Do you know what the modern sales funnel looks like? Here it is.

Most Digital Marketers are so engrossed in reaching the target numbers that they start seeing the customers of their clients as numbers as well. This is problematic. It takes out the human angle of marketing. This is not sustainable in the long run. Customers gained by this ‘metric marketing’ won’t remain loyal.

Too Much Reliance on Automation and AI

Yes, automation is good. No doubt about that. However, when digital marketers focus only on algorithms and how to game the algorithm using automation and AI, it becomes a little problematic. This mindless marketing very soon falls into the trap of being formulaic. Once the algorithm changes, these formulaic-marketing strategies fail to deliver. This is specifically true for social media marketing companies in the UK that rely too much on automation.

How Our digital marketing Agency In the UK Solves These Problems

At NHANCE Digital, we are on a mission to bring quality and humanity back to digital marketing. Our in-house marketers come from diverse backgrounds having both technological and marketing knowledge that add value not just to our clients but to their customers as well.

We Formulate Objective-Based KPIs

Since there is no standard KPI to measure the success of any social media marketing company in the UK, we at NHANCE come up with custom-made KPIs based on the objective of the client.

So, for example, if the client wants conversion, our first task is to see whether the customers of such a client have crossed the two stages of the funnel or not. If they haven’t crossed them yet, our first KPI would be to make these customers climb down the funnel.

Once this KPI is satisfied, our next measurement criteria would be measuring how many of the customers in the consideration phase have actually converted and bought products or services from our clients.

With our advanced reporting tools, we have the ability to almost accurately monitor the journey of the potential buyers of our clients. This leaves no room for vagueness.

Our Funnel Based KPIs Help Us Distinguish Between Marketing and Sales

As you can see, we put great emphasis on the journey of the potential buyer. As a result, we don’t focus on achieving sales alone. Marketing is not sales. It’s about educating the customers, gaining their trust and finally transacting with them. Marketing is a journey, and sales are the destination – at our digital marketing agency UK, we keep reminding ourselves of that.

We Provide Digital Marketing Services With a Human Touch.

Dale Carnegie, in his book- How To Win Friends and Influence People, quoted William James, who once said that people crave appreciation. It’s one of the basic psychological needs.

The moment marketers give genuine attention to potential buyers and shower them with genuine words of appreciation. They get access to their hearts. We at NHANCE Digital do just that.

We Don’t Rely on the Whimsical Algorithm of Social Media

At NHANCE Digital, we don’t use any formula or automation that’s entirely reliant on the algorithm. We are agile enough to evolve our digital marketing services as the algorithm evolves. Our marketing automation can be replicated no matter how many times the algorithm changes.

Our Services

We provide the following services as part of our digital marketing Program.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a dynamic world with changing trends and online culture. We at NHANCE proactively manage your business profiles on social networking sites, act as your customer representative and amplify your marketing efforts.

LinkedIn Personal Brand Management

We see LinkedIn as slightly different from other social networking sites. Our marketers help individuals and businesses to build their personal and business brands on LinkedIn and strike gold in the B2B field.

Community Building on Discord, Reddit and Telegram

Gone are the days of public social media entities. Today more and more businesses are trying to build a loyal community of followers on private, company-controlled communities like Subreddits, Discord channels or Telegram. We at NHANCE have the bandwidth to build this elite, closed-door loyal community of loyal followers for your business.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO remains the king when it comes to reaching the target audience. At our digital marketing Agency in the UK, we have a team of skilful SEO personnel that can help your website see the light of the day – on the top pages of Google for relevant searches.


Come, Let’s Take The Vagueness Out of Digital marketing. Let’s Show You Real Results With Our Digital Marketing Services.

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