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What is the difference between postpay and prepay?

difference between postpay and prepay

Majorly both of these terms postpay and prepay are used in the telecom sector in specifically the recharge of mobile phones according to the plans and validity criteria. Therefore, here in the article below we are going to understand and learn more about the proper and exact difference between postpay and prepay terms.

Basically, the term postpaid and the term prepaid or we can also say that prepay or postpay recharge is known to be a payment, which a person or a customer makes to the telecom company such as Airtel, Reliance jio, Idea Vodafone, etc. for the purpose of using mobile phones for making phone calls, sending text messages, and also using internet.

So, what is the difference between postpay and prepay?

The prepaid payment or prepaid recharge is known to be the payment that has been made to the telecom company on an upfront basis. The prepaid payment is not like the postpaid payment because in prepaid payments person pay is the money before using the services. So for example, if you have done prepaid payment for your recharge of your mobile phone then you are paying the money on an upfront basis and after which for a month you are going to use the service but you have paid the money beforehand itself.

On the other hand the postpaid payment is known to be the plans of recharging mobile phones for using it for making calls, sending text messages, and also using the internet throughout the month and paying the money at the end of the month as per the data and calling usage by the customer. Here comes the major difference between postpay and prepay.

Now, if we go through both of the types of recharge then the prepaid one is known to be much more comfortable and also a great choice for a customer to choose because it helps a person in being in the budget and also minimising and controlling of the spends throughout the month. While on the other hand if we go with the postpaid recharge payment then we might use some extra internet and might make some extra calls because of which we need to pay a hefty amount to the telecom companies.

Some good points based on the difference between postpay and prepay

The good point of a prepaid recharge is that it gets renewed and refreshed all again with the new data set on a regular basis in midnight, which means simply that if you have used for complete data of a single day then in the midnight somewhere between 12 o’ clock to 2 o’ clock the whole data will get renewed again and after that you can use the data once again.

Some of the postpaid plans also offer the best value for money, and might have sometimes some lock in contracts also for the customers, but the same is not the case with prepaid recharge plans as it has no commitments, no restrictions, and no contracts, at all you can take any of the recharge plan whenever you want and you can stop using the same but you will not get the money back. So, what is the difference between postpay and prepay.

Here is all you need to know about the prepaid or prepay plans

Now basically if we discuss about the prepaid plans and payments then you are required to recharge your account of your phone number before you can start using the services as a customer. Plus in addition to the same the recharge value and the recharge plans prices may vary from plan to plan and services as per there associated benefits and the data that has been provided by the telecom company. Here the major difference between postpay and prepay comes into the picture.

So, basically you are choosing a large data recharge plan then you have to pay a big amount to the telecom company and on the other hand if you are choosing limited data access then you do not have to pay a larger amount but you can simply pay a small amount to the companies.

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What if we need more data?

However, if you feel that sometimes your data has been exhausted for the day and you need some more data for doing an important thing then you can very easily and very conveniently take a top up for the internet and data services.

There is one smartness played by the telecom companies that generally a month is of 30 or 31 days but as per the telecom companies the recharge month cycle would be of only 28 days because of which a customer is required to recharge their phone number account 13 times in a year rather than 12 times. This creates a major difference between postpay and prepay.

Along with that if you have some unused data left for a day or for a month then it will not be carried forward to the next day or next month.

Here is all you need to know about postpay to understand the difference between postpay and prepay

The postpaid plans for recharges are basically understood as the person can take and enjoy all the services of the telecom service industry beforehand paying the payment to them. This simply means that for a complete month you can enjoy the services and at the end of the month you can pay them whatever billing you have done throughout the month as per your usage. This is the only contract that a person had to sign through a form of legal agreement. And if the person fails in fulfilling this agreement then he is liable to decisions of jurisdiction. This is major difference between both of them.

I hope you have got the answer for the difference between postpay and prepay recharges and plans. However, payment for both the types of payment can be done online through various wallets and UPIs.

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