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Why Choose the IBDP?

The IBDP is a unique program that helps you develop a strong foundation in both the arts and sciences. The IBDP Singapore is an international baccalaureate diploma program for students who have proven aptitude for problem solving, critical thinking, and creative thinking. This education prepares you for success at any college or university and beyond.


The IBDP curriculum is designed to encourage independent learning in all areas of study as well as prepare students for global citizenship. The IBDP offers courses in all academic disciplines including English, mathematics, science, history, geography, economics, psychology, languages other than English and Business Studies.


What is the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme?


An innovative programme created especially for secondary students between the ages of 16 and 19 is called the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. It not only promotes academic excellence but also social, physical, and ethical development in its students. Many of the world’s top educational institutions use the renowned international programme known as the IBDP. Many leading colleges throughout the world consider it to be an outstanding programme.


What Makes the IBDP Different From Other Programs


There are various key ways in which the IBDP is different from other curriculum. Although the academic material is difficult, students must do more than just memorise numbers and facts to succeed. Students gain the ability to think independently and to cooperate and discuss their discoveries with their peers through the IBDP. Six academic areas are covered by the IBDP curriculum: language and literature, language learning, people and cultures, sciences, math, and the arts. There is also an additional core curriculum that consists of an Extended Essay, a Creativity, Activity and Service component, and a Theory of Knowledge course.


The IBDP’s Success Rate


By giving pupils both internal and external examinations, the IBDP gauges its success. After finishing a course, students are obliged to take examinations that measure their knowledge, but these creative evaluations also assess a student’s analytical, problem-solving, and presentation skills, to mention a few. There is evidence to support the claim that IBDP graduates are more likely than non-graduates to continue their study at a prestigious university.


IBDP School  international schools fees


IBDP international schools fees are based on the needs of students and their families. The IBDP School  international schools fees are calculated based on the student’s age, so that parents can be sure to choose the correct level of learning for their children. The IBDP School  international schools fees include tuition and other costs such as books, uniform materials and equipment for the student.


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