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Why is Driver Behaviour Monitoring System Important?

Fleet businesses often struggle maintaining good safety measures for their vehicles. Frequent accidents make up a huge part of the business’ expenditure, leading to losses. So how can a fleet management system help? By using a driver behaviour monitoring system! Let us learn why using this system is essential for every form of fleet belonging to various industries.

Before we get into the benefits of using driver behaviour management solutions, it is important why fleet businesses need to monitor their drivers in the first place. Let us have a look in the next section.

Challenges Faced by Fleet Businesses Due to Bad Driving Practices

Very often, fleet businesses have to face difficulties due to lack of decorum in their drivers. To name a few here are the most commonly encountered challenges:

High Vehicle Replacement: The wear and tear caused by unethical driving is very severe. This depreciation often leads to damage beyond repairs. Thus, businesses have to replace their vehicles very frequently, adding to their expenditure.

Monetary Loss: Vehicle replacement is not the only issue that leads to a loss of money for the fleet businesses. The money they spend on repairs alone can add up to be a hefty amount. Businesses might also encounter extra costs like fines and tickets for bad driving. When considering a large number of vehicles, it can be very loss inducing.

Excess Fuel Consumption: When drivers drive harshly, they force the vehicle to work faster than optimal. This means the fuel needed to operate at this rate is very high. Thus, the fuel consumption rate also shoots up.

Bad Reputation: It is very easy to either make or break a business via word of mouth. Bad task execution can make clients lose their interest. This might happen due to delivering broken goods, or damaging goods due to bad driving.

Can Driver Behaviour Management System Help?

This question has a very simple answer. Yes, of course! The primary use of the driver behaviour monitoring system is to ensure managers can ensure their drivers use ethical methods for transportation. So how is this possible using just a simple system? Let us look how:

Alerts: Every time a driver engages in bad driving, the system sends alerts to managers. This allows them to mitigate the situation before it turns into a fatality. These alerts are triggered by harsh driving practices like over speeding, cornering, acceleration, idling, and braking abruptly.

Reports: the system helps managers ensure they stay updated with all the data of their fl. It translates all the data collected by the solutions into insights for better understanding of operations. These reports help managers make decisions for optimisation. These reports are saved for up to six months for long term analysis.

Integration with Other Solution: The driver behaviour monitoring solutions can be used with route planning, video telematics and fuel monitoring features to bring a more holistic optimization. Thus, it allows managers to navigate their fleet businesses better. Businesses can save a lot of money previously wasted due to errors made during manual managem.

How Can Driver Behaviour Monitoring Solutions Benefit Various Fleet Businesses?

Now that we know the operations of the driver monitoring system, let us look at how these features benefit a fleet business:


When expenditures like repair costs and vehicle replacement costs are eliminated, fleet businesses become more profitable. They also save up on operational costs like fines and tickets. Digitalised reports reduce paper cost of the business as well.

When all these features come together, businesses are able to make better savings even in the same budget as before. Better driving habits promote fuel saving. This means that reducing fuel wastage translates to monetary profits.


When driving their vehicles ethically, vehicles also accumulate less damage. Harsh driving takes a huge toll on a vehicle. It not only forces the engine to work faster than what is optimal, but also makes it harder for it to break down fuel.

These combined increase the wear and tear that a vehicle undergoes during each trip. This is why driver behaviour monitoring software ensures drivers make better decisions on the roads and driver vehicles with care. Ultimately, this means that  the vehicle will require less repair processes as well.


Under manual management, there is no proper means to communicate between the drivers and managers. But the system makes this communication stream clearer, allowing them to be better aware of each other’s activities. Whenever a driver drives badly, managers get alerts and can investigate the reason behind such alerts.

This means that the blame does not fall directly on the drivers for any accidents since the system has proof of their driving activities as well.
When operating a large fleet, it is difficult to keep track of all drivers when looking from a manager’s perspective. But hard work can go unnoticed like this, discouraging good drivers. The system reports make it easier for managers to spot and incentivise drivers who portray good qualities on the roads.


Less accidents is one of the primary benefits of driver behaviour monitoring solutions. This means that managers can rest assured their vehicles will be safe during task completion. Accidents can not only damage the vehicles and injure drivers, but can also harm the consignments.

A business taking responsibility for their clients’ goods will have to pay compensation for damage. This cost can do a business if such instances become frequent.


The drivers who practise good driving on roads are able to complete tasks more efficiently. This is because they don’t have to stop because of any incidents or get pulled over by police for bad driving. The vehicles also stay in top form for longer and thus reduces the down time.

All these benefits mean that the fleet business as a whole is able to cater to more clients in the same period. It also helps them increase their clientele.


Through this article we have looked at ways in which fleet businesses can use driver behaviour monitoring solutions. These solutions help businesses reduce their damage and increase profits. Do not know which fleet management system to trust?

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