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Why is my dryer making a weird smell?

Dryers have vents that pull the air out of your home and circulate it in a large circle. Air circulates in one room and leaves another room. The circulating system pulls air through the room and into the next room.

A large number of clothes lines run through the house and into the dryer. The dryer heats the air, which is then drawn through a vent and circulated out of the dryer.

Once the air passes through the vent, it moves from room to room. As the air moves through your dryer, it also pulls through your clothes. The clothes mildew smell in dryer will be damp as the moisture comes out of the clothes and mixes with the hot air.

The heat of the dryer warms the moist clothes, allowing them to dry. After a few hours, the dryer shuts off. When the dryer shuts off, you will hear a clicking sound.

The lint trap and filter is located inside the dryer drum. Lint comes out of your dryer when it turns on and turns off. Lint travels through the vent and into the dryer drum where it accumulates.

Once the dryer turns on again, the lint catches fire and burns very easily. You can prevent lint from entering your dryer by removing it regularly.

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