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Why Mural Art Is the Perfect Wallpaper for Any Home

When it comes to interior design, nothing is more important than finding the right hues and tones to fill each room with. Usually, this job is left to the paint or wallpaper that lines the walls of each room. Depending on the colors and hues applied, a room can feel either calmly comforting or brimming with energy.

But what if you could completely transform a room so much that you’d feel as though you were truly and completely transported to an entirely different location? Your home might be situated deep in the suburbs; however, entering your living room transports you right to the middle of the Caribbean. Or maybe you live in a small apartment in a big city, but every time you enter your bedroom, you feel as though you’ve been spirited away to a distant forest or woodland.

That feeling is entirely possible when you have the right mural art decorating your walls.

The 3 Types of Mural Art: Which One Best Fits Your Aesthetic?

There are three types of murals, each with its own unique style and composition. Whichever one you choose for your home depends on your overall style and interests.

1. Photography Murals

The first type of mural makes use of photography. They often either take the form of a photo of a specific subject, or of a vast and encompassing landscape.

These are perfect if you’re trying to give the walls in your room a more realistic feel to them. Having a photo mural of the beach, for example, is a great way to try and replicate and simulate that tropical vibe and atmosphere. Similarly, photo murals of forest and mountain landscapes can produce similar effects.

2. Painted Murals

Painted mural art is more suitable for those looking to line their walls with beautiful artwork. Painted murals can take on practically any subject. They can be landscape paintings, floral or vintage backgrounds, or fine art. The sky’s the limit when it comes to painted murals, making it possible to decorate your room with nearly any setting or backdrop.

3. Abstract Murals

Lovers of abstract art will find abstract murals the perfect fit for their homes. These murals often follow certain patterns that repeat themselves all throughout, usually made up of different lines, shapes, strokes, or subjects. A Jackson Pollock painting is the perfect example of abstract art, as are some of Picasso’s pieces. Here, reality is distorted, which makes for an interesting background for one’s home.

Mural Art & Interior Design: The Grand Composition

Now that we’ve established the three different types of murals, the question to ask is, “Which one fits right at home?”

Depending on your personal preferences and the theme you’re going for, it depends.

If you lean towards the quiet side and can’t stand walls that are too busy, you could go with something like textured backgrounds. These types of murals focus on recreating certain feels and textures and can either be in the form of either photography or painted.

Imagine a brick wall painted on your living room walls, or a picture of a bamboo row fence strewn across your bathroom or kitchen. These are simpler wall murals that can help create a quiet yet cohesive façade.

On the other hand, if you have a shabby chic living room furniture set, this goes well against a tropical background. After all, it is important to create that sense of cohesion between your furniture and your room. Matching your chosen wall mural to your current furniture, then, is important. That’s what will ultimately set the tone for your home.

Bring Your Walls to Life with PixlScapes

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